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Summer 2023

Dearest eNews readers,

"It is the wonderment that takes you forward" is what it says on one of the very first promotional bookmarks I ever made. But, to be honest, it's only recently I've really started to understand the deep value of that saying and recognize what Master Morya really means when He talks about the 'shock' you get when something amazes you and that experience then catapults you outside of the limited circle of your own thinking.

Luckily, wonderment is something that, to a large extent, you can generate yourself. When, with open eyes and staying quiet for a while, you look attentively at a wild flower, for instance, or a bit of nature, with the willingness of seeing the wonder of the earth and of life, then that wonderment soon comes to you naturally. And once you are able to look at something in this manner, you can also learn to see the same wonder in the people around you—in your friends, colleagues, neighbours and family. "It is the wonderment that take you forward!" Will you too be trying out this experiment? Regards from Marie


Meester Morya

Meditation for the full moon of 1st August 2023:

Master Morya,

"Each time you are faced with yourself and are astonished by a certain phenomenon, you are standing at the threshold of a renaissance in your life. It is this wonderment that will take you forward. Each time you are astonished about something, be it about prayer, about the Divine, about flowers or the beauty of a child, about another human being or whatever it may be, it causes a shock, it brings an openness into your life.

Thinking is chiefly enclosing. When thinking, you want everything to fall neatly in its place, you want to construct a nicely enclosed whole. Your mind keeps you trapped in a closed circuit and it can be you never manage to come out of it.

Some people are aware only of their thoughts and can only accept what comes from their thoughts. What they think is correct and what others think isn’t correct, is the way they see it. This is the reason for conflicts between people, because the thinking mind is neither broad enough nor open enough to receive the intuition and the Divine that is able to descend therein. Thoughts lock themselves up in the enclosure they have created, making this descent impossible. People tend to reason somewhat in this way: “I have to get rid of whatever doesn’t fit nicely in my package. Whatever I can’t figure out, whatever I can’t explain I won’t accept, I’ll just wash it out of my life.” This is why people who have a predominant mental outlook are often also very closed individuals, self-oriented and busy with things they find exciting and interesting, but that shut others out.

The closed circuit of the mind will often initiate actions that miss the point. Because life is open; life is open on all sides and if you could look upon life itself, you would be able to notice an enduring change taking place therein. For life must accept everything coming from the Divine, and where this is possible transformation is continuous, also within existence and within the vital essences of existence.

When the depth of life reveals all manner of things, then a continual shifting takes place in the heart of the human being. The heart is busy with one thing at a certain moment and with something else the next moment because it perceives the vibrations that are really there. You will have something else in your heart when you are with a certain family, in a certain group or with a certain person, than you will have when you are with someone else. The heart reacts unerringly to all circumstances and is capable of knowing exactly what is going on.

This is why when you live with your intuition you are constantly busy with different things and have a richer consciousness. You then experience many things on a level of consciousness that goes much further than the thinking mind. You break through the structures of the mind you have constructed within yourself.

Sometimes you should reverse your thinking: when you think of something try to set its opposite beside it and then reflect until you succeed in finding the synthesis between these two opposites. For you can always hear, understand and think of one idea and also hear, understand and think of the other idea that comes up against it. This is what enriches life. The opposites are always present in the mind and even if you don’t see them, you can find them. Search for these opposites and live with them for a while.

However, the deeper intuitions of life are different. They emanate from a unity and will always lead people to a unity. The mind doesn’t do this; thoughts are divisive. The mind will always be attracted to discord and to change, but based on the opposites. These opposites, which belong to the mind, make that people who live in their minds are always on a collision course.

You have to be an extremely broadminded person to make enough space available in your mind to accommodate everything and everyone. Normally this is impossible, because space in the mind is brought by the openness of the consciousness that is in contact with love, in contact with the divine values."

  Morya Wisdom 4: Trust in yourself

Master Morya

Geert Crevits, from “Morya Wisdom 4: Trust in yourself”, beginning of chapter 2 ©

© Geert Crevits,,

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