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September 2023

Dearest eNews readers,

Slow but steady work is continually going on behind the scenes, not only in Dutch, but also in English, German and Polish. Personally, I always feel torn between—on the one hand, desperately feeling like screaming "It all needs to go so much faster, people deserve new books!" and, on the other hand, the quiet calm confidence of my heart letting me know that "All's well and everything is perfectly timed."

Master Morya sides with the calmness of my heart; after all, ever since the nineties He has been teaching us: "No deadlines, no hurry, just carry on as it goes; My work consists of much more than publishing books." He works with all of us through everything we do in life and so strives to make us better people. Over the years I've seen so many things and heard so many incredible stories from our volunteers, translators, and also from readers, who have lived through so many experiences that changed them for the better.

As you can read in the text below, Master Morya repeatedly emphasizes to all His readers the huge importance of working calmly and with concentration. In my opinion, He isn't just talking about your job and the paid work you do, but also about household work, cooking, gardening, taking care of a child, and all other such work that certainly matters. Let your heart grow calm and lower your heart rate a bit when you are doing something—that's the tip of the month! Regards from Marie

Meester Morya

Meditation for the full moon of 29th September 2023:

Master Morya,

"It makes no sense to hurry in whatever it is you are doing, in whatever direction you have chosen to go. You might be hurried in your work or in your efforts to deepen your life, but it’s really senseless since it doesn’t make anything go more quickly and even causes you to miss things. When you are working in a hurry there are often things you fail to notice, and this is then the mistake you make. You should be able to come to a certain peace and relaxation when you are working, in order to establish an inner contact with what you are doing, for this is always crucial.

When you observe yourself and your work, you will come to realise which elements play a role in this. In every type of work there is always something that comes to you from the world and something you can learn by concentrating on that work. Don’t, however, be in a rush, otherwise you won’t be able to see it. On this earth it’s possible for people to live more slowly and, by so doing, to allow certain ideas to come to the fore.

Because in the reality you are working in, there are always ideas somewhere in the background, ideas of which you cannot immediately be aware. You can only discover them if you go to work slowly, because that’s when the ideas come to you, along with what you are doing. That’s perhaps a bit strangely put, yet that’s how it works.

When you are working slowly, with concentration, fully focused on what is taking place, then you can discover the fact that there is more going on than just that work. Something happens within you; by your concentration you tap into new ideas, and this is because working slowly and in concentration is actually relaxing. Then suddenly you begin to deal with your work differently, and you begin to take note of different things.

When you are rushed, you are on another level, you are then in your spirit and have little or no contact with the material in front of you. This is a mistake: not having the material contact with what you are doing, makes you unable to find certain keys to you existence.

There must be a contact between spirit and matter, and you must effect this contact. It’s not something that happens by itself, you must work on it, in the concrete reality of everyday life and down to the smallest details; and subsequently this will free your consciousness. Spirit, matter and consciousness - these three aspects should always go together, because this is what puts you in the full Light of your consciousness, of your work, of your actions. Then something can flow from your work or actions that carries more Light than simply the thing of itself with which you are busy.


When you concentrate you should bring your heart into it. You should feel it in your heart, your heart should be at peace as you work, which is certainly not always what happens. Especially not when you are stressed about something; then you can’t find this peace, you aren’t able to concentrate and consequently you cannot be inspired.

Therefore be sure to involve your heart; then you will fall into another rhythm, for the heart knows the measure of things. The heart knows how to adapt itself to the reality of this earth."

  Morya Wijsheid 7: De grote ontdekkingsreis

Master Morya

Geert Crevits, translated excerpts from Morya Wisdom 7 (The great voyage of discovery), from chapter 7: ‘How can you get in touch with your own consciousness?' ©

© Geert Crevits,,

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