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October 2023

Dearest eNews readers,

I'd like to share an experience I had recently with the online cards:

It's a day like any other, only everything seems to be difficult. I turn to the online advice on and a few clicks later read:

"Welcome! Let's get started.
Do you have your question clearly in mind?"

“No, unfortunately, I can't think of a single question.”
Another click and I am welcomed to Master Morya's Life Lessons! I place my hand on my heart and try to feel at peace, click on a precious gem and receive a short text about allowing the reality without any thought.

The words dance in front of my eyes: 'without any thought', 'live with the Divine in simplicity'. Okay, but how do I go about doing that? A trip to the seaside perhaps? My current mindset doesn't allow for any other possibility. I briefly check with the others to see whether this would be possible. Optimistic as I usually tend to be, in the afternoon I drive to the coast, happily and filled with hope. We'll see. In my mind I already plan to take a brisk walk and let my worries be blown away.

I find a place to park and get out. The first thing that catches my eye is a sea-gull crouched against a stone. It has lovely brown feathers with a white edge and a black spot at the end of its tail. It's bigger than a chicken. As I come closer, it doesn't move at all. This isn't right....and there goes my plan to take a walk and forget all my worries.

Meanwhile, people walk past, some of them with a dog, but no one pays any attention to the stranded sea-gull. Surely I can't just leave this bird sitting here, until tomorrow, until it passes out from deprivation?

The next few hours become a quest to find a solution. I turn to any place I can—a pharmacy, a hairdressing salon, several rental agencies that have established themselves in this seaside town, a grocery shop that also sells magazines. Either they can't help me or they refer me to the tourist office, but that isn't open today. I can't just leave with my sea-gull in this condition, I just can't! I start to feel desperate, not knowing what to do. If I leave I would be sending this beautiful bird straight to its death. No, if I did that I would never be able to come to the seaside again as if nothing had happened. I also wouldn't be able to sleep tonight; this is not at all what I expected.

I return to my parking spot and sit down by the sea-gull. I try to pray and send it love and energy. Suddenly it raises its little head and spreads its wings. It makes an attempt to stand up and I can see that one of its legs is hanging limp, perhaps broken. It settles down again. This is serious. My prayer makes me calmer. I start to search on internet for an animal protection agency or something of the sort, but can't find anything in the immediate neighbourhood. I make a few calls but, because I'm a bit deaf, I have trouble understanding the voices on the small device. I prefer to be face to face with a human being. In the meantime, the sun is getting lower and I really don't want to drive home in the dark.

I turn to the oracle on and say out loud: "Yes, Master Morya, now I have a clear question! Will you please save my sea-gull?" I click on the roses and choose a random square.

The answer reads as follows:

“You can receive My help, and so you will always advance further than what you can now imagine. Because when you receive support from the Hierachy you will discover new worlds and handle the fire when it needs to be handled.
It is important that there are people who are able to wield the sword of discrimination, who know what they want and who know in which way to tackle something.”

The fire, the sword, the Hierarchy—oh my God! I spring to my feet, take a mouthful of air and go down the first street I come to. There, I see yet another agency, with a woman about to close shop. I gather all my courage and enter. I explain how I've been trying all afternoon in vain to find a refuge for my sea-gull. The lady is very kind and says that she totally understands, that she too would have taken the sea-gull's predicament to heart, and that she knows how complicated it is to help wild animals in need. But she says she knows someone who volunteers in the bird relief centre and that he lives just around the corner. She makes a call and, after a couple of attempts, reaches him. They talk for a good while and I can't make out whether it will turn out alright.

She hangs up and I hear the redeeming words: "He's coming over and will go with you to the sea-gull." I give her my heartfelt thanks and tell her what a wonderful person she is! As I walk outside, I see a man approaching with a large plastic box. He's incredibly friendly and begins to talk enthusiastically about young sea-gulls and pigeons who get hurt while landing, and about how sea-gulls didn't use to be protected but now are, and tells me where he will be taking the bird. Wearing rubber gloves, he carefully transfers the beautiful bird into the special box. I thank him elaborately; life is beautiful!

Half an hour later I’m on the highway headed home. I thank God and Master Morya for the smooth intervention. It feels as if I have wings. This is a true story. Regards from Lydia

Meditation for the full moon of 28th October 2023:

Ask Master Morya

There is a caring attention, for you but also for the other

“It is always a good thing when you realize that you should not force anything because there is an energy that cares.

When you have patience you can meet this caring energy in yourself and in others. This caring energy always offers a possibility that would otherwise be impossible in life. When you know that God takes care of you, like a mother cares for her child, and that He will never leave you unless He has His reasons for doing so: in order to momentarily leave you alone like a mother would leave her child alone for a moment.

God's care for you will always be there. If you know that He cares for you, you can also know and realize that He cares for the other. This is something you have to learn, really learn in life: that there is a caring attention; a care for the very small and for the very great; a care for you but also for the others.”

  Morya Kracht 4: De stap naar oneindigheid

Meester Morya

Geert Crevits, translated quote from: 'Morya Kracht', book 4: The step towards infinity - chapter 6 ©

This text can be found on the website as Master Morya’s Online advice number 65

© Geert Crevits,,

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