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May 2023

Dearest eNews readers,

It's sometimes said that 'character is fate', but Master Morya is not so fatalistic... He considers a person's character to be a combination of habits—habits you can therefore also change. However, making changes in your life isn't something you do by forcing yourself but rather by giving yourself time to get to know yourself as you are now. Reflect on your life without immediately taking action. "Reflecting on your life invites a sort of current of energy into it, giving you the want to change," says Master Morya in Morya Wisdom book 2 (chapter 4)

And then, what is it that you now want? Use that power of your desire. Make more room in your life for values such as love, patience, faith, beauty and joy. Be patient with yourself and try to find a few moments of silence at different times throughout the day. Before long you will notice you can more easily break from old routines and more freely make new choices. Eventually, the changes will almost happen by themselves because the outer world starts to arrange itself in accordance to your new inner pattern.

Below you will find six fascinating excerpts from our books on this subject. Let yourself be inspired! With regards from Marie

Master Morya

Meditation texts for the full moon of 5th May 2023:

Master Morya,

  Morya Kracht 3: Mens en maatschappij

I. "To bring things to order within you, to gain knowledge, to achieve simplicity, always involves a causal connection. You are, as it were, forming your own world; you are the cause of your own better world. Therefore, when you achieve an inner order, a simplification of your life, when you gain a deeper understanding of your own being, then you begin to be yourself in the outer world too.

Dare to make use of your own inner self. Dare to realize that you have a certain character which has developed out of habits and that you can therefore intervene in this character and say: “What do I want out of life? How do I want to go forward?” When you accept and work on this, in other words when you work on yourself, then you can establish an order, then you can become simpler and thereby you can also live life more soberly, so that you know: ‘there are certain things in my life that are difficult to acquire, difficult to organize and also difficult to master.’ And this is something you should dare to do. Dare to live your own life and to try to gain control over the different facets of your own being."

Master Morya

Translated excerpt from “Morya Kracht 3” (People and society), chapter 3 ©, Geert Crevits

* * *

  Morya Wijsheid 5: Het woord in de stilte

II. "You should see desire as something great, able to take you from one thing to another. If you change your desires in regard to your fellow persons and in regard to what you want to achieve in this world then you, too, will change.

These things should not frighten you. Don't think you shouldn't have any desires. No, you should know that a desire is something very great and that you should be able to live with your desires. If you think you don't have enough desires - this can be - then you must review your desires and see in which direction you can steer them.

When you deal with things in your being which are clear to you but not to others, then you just need to take a look at your desires: what do you desire?

You must learn to deal with desire as you would with something fragile, subtle, something very important in your life. It is desire that will enable you to accomplish things on this earth."

Master Morya

Translated excerpt from "Morya Wisdom 5" (The word in the silence), chapter 12 ©, Geert Crevits

* * *

  Morya Wisdom 2: Simplicity

III. "Each centimetre of patience is significant. You should see everything you do in life as an expression of patience. This is now an odd thing for Me to say because I want you to progress and to progress at a certain pace, yet I hasten to add: patience, patience, patience. This is because without it you won’t really get anywhere. If you’re in a hurry you will never arrive where you should be. If you are patient and can sink deep down within yourself, to wait, to struggle – but to struggle from within this silence – you will find all you need. (…)

A new idea is like a new child, it needs nourishment from the loving attention you give it. If you deal in this way with the new things that come into your life, but then from the depth of your heart, you will realise one idea is not like another. One idea may be very weak and frail with little chance of life because it wasn’t carried with love; whereas an idea nour¬ished with love can have a very great life on this Earth.

If you are planning to do something in your life, then be good enough to cherish that plan, to love it, and then, you will see, the plan will work out in another way than if you had been busy with it in an absent-minded, distracted way, a bit like, “On with it now, quickly, this and that still has to be done.”"

Master Morya

Excerpt from Morya Wisdom 2: Simplicity, chapter 5 ©, Geert Crevits

* * *

  Morya Wijsheid 8: In het centrum van je leven staan

IV. "In the silence you can discover who you are, what your ideas and feelings are; there, in the silence, you can discover your life's goal. Then everything can come to the fore, and it may be you encounter love, righteousness, peace, patience and each and every active force.

Everything one can experience in the silence has an importance. That's why people who can believe in it and live in it, inevitably find themselves involved in a development and a renewal. When you can live for a while in the silence, you always emerge strengthened. Each time people go within the silence and believe in it, they know they have not only become stronger but also calmer, more peaceful and more loving.

These matters are very crucial. It doesn't imply you should flee from the world, because, on the contrary, you can find the silence within yourself even in the midst of the greatest tumult; in the train station, for instance, where people are coming and going, or at the fairground, where people are, in fact, busy losing themselves. You can go within the silence everywhere, if you truly want to and if you have already found the way.

The silence, the deep peace that is within you, is independent of the earth, for it is your own experience of that sparkling life itself. When you can believe in it, then you are in your place, also on earth.

So, learn to discover the silence within yourself. Learn to become aware that what comes from there is greatly significant. There you can receive new ideas about your life, the reality around you, and the world. Then you will also be able to express these ideas in a calm and almost peaceful manner.

If you want to introduce renewals, you may do so on condition that they have been born from out of the silence, because then they will have a foundation. Whatever you wish to achieve is given a solid basis in the silence. In the silence you know how to gain insight.


When you go into the silence within yourself, you will attain the true knowledge of this earth, of yourself, and of all things. Only then does life on earth become exciting, because you will then witness one change after another, also in your own life, and this will continue. It’s not that you will be trapped in a certain pattern. On the contrary, you will be freed from all patterns. You will be free and learn to know the things as they really are. It’s marvelous that you should attain this true knowledge."

Master Morya

Translated excerpts from "Morya Wisdom 8" (Standing in the centre of your life), chapters 10 and 11 ©, Geert Crevits

* * *

  Morya Wijsheid 6: Ontmoeting met Engelen

V. "If you are always irritated by these things in yourself which you can't grasp or understand, which you can't change and with which you find it difficult to live, then know that you can put these things aside. But keep looking at yourself, keep searching for your own inner Self, for the joy within yourself.

The point is not to keep busy with all kinds of things you can’t handle. No, the point is to be at peace with everything. You shouldn’t deceive yourself by saying: “Okay, I’ll correct this and work on that and change this about myself.” It’s not that easy.

Of course, you can try to change yourself if you want, but this implies placing the will in you and allowing a very powerful energy to come within you. If you can do this, it will indeed bring about a change and you will see that you will be able to manage even the most unmanageable situation and place a new energy alongside the one you wish to change. For when you wish to change something in your life, you must place a new energy beside it; this is then what being busy with new things means.

Take, for example, a habit you may have noticed that you have. If it’s a bad habit then you shouldn’t pay attention to this bad habit and try to change it, but you must put something alongside it that is interesting and powerful and new. If you want to change yourself, you should be able to be busy with the old and the new at the same time.

It’s no use worrying about how you could give up a bad habit that continually embarrasses you and worrying about how to deal with it, unless you place something alongside it that is new and original and important to you. When you work on two levels, with both the old and the new, and give more of your attention to the new, then you’re on the right track, then you will be able to realize wonderful changes in yourself."

Master Morya

Translated excerpt from "Morya Wisdom 6" (Meeting with Angels), chapter 1 ©, Geert Crevits

* * *

  Morya Wisdom 1: A deeper sense of life

VI. "At moments after you have rested and when you are about to start with something, be very alert. For this moment is most important, even more important than the work itself. So first reflect before you begin. First ask yourself, “What is important now?” And look at it very carefully. For at this important moment you give a little orientation to your life. And this minor orientation can turn into an important one. It may cause you to take up something you have already done a thousand times before and now do for the thousandth and first time, and in this way you can go on and on and on.

So you come out of a period of rest and then at a certain moment think, “And now?” If you can become conscious of this, you can at that moment initiate a change, often very easily. So instead of doing something for the thousandth and first time, you take something up for the very first time. And then you will have taken a step that is very important. At that moment love is involved."

Master Morya

Excerpt from Morya Wisdom 1: A deeper sense of life, chapter 13 ©, Geert Crevits

© Geert Crevits,,

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