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June 2023

Dearest eNews readers,

Master Morya's words and texts are like leaven in the bread of our lives; even a little bit is already enough to eventually make a big difference, so that you experience more space and taste more flavour in what you do. With loving regards, Marie

Meester Morya

Meditation for the full moon of 4th June 2023:

Master Morya,

"There are always opportunities in a person’s life, and those opportunities should be seen as something special. When you make progress in your life, when you strive to reach the depth of your own life, you will be carried from one state to the next.

It is important to notice the opportunities you have. In the depth of your own life, you have a program, something that is there and is clear to you. If it is not clear, then it can become clear by working from within yourself. Know that there is a consciousness within you that is very large and that can rise to the surface.

The divine spark within you

You are not here on this earth to sit still; you are here on this earth to do something. When you are doing something you are finding the way. It is important to dare to take steps in life, for then you are supported and you reveal yourself, because within each of you is a divine spark. Each of you knows what it is to do new things on this earth.

Being one in the deepness

You should know that you can all join together. This is a time to form groups, to work together, to be one in the deepness and to know that you can be independent and free in the outer world and may do your own things. So dare to stand up for yourself, dare to express and do your own things, and know that you are allowed to do so.

Very great things on this earth

There is no limit to your capabilities, you should realize that. There is an unending longing in your heart, so try to spend the needed amount of time on its realization. It is important to believe in your own being and and to know that you need time to bring that longing to fulfilment. Hence, it is difficult to live on this earth in beauty, in peace, in joy, in deepness and in openness. The very great things on this earth are really important and it is even noteworthy when a single person is able to manifest them; and each one of you is capable of doing this in your own way.


Don’t think you have to strive for perfection; no, simplicity is what you should strive for, it is the deepness you should reveal. This is more important than perfection. Take account of your mistakes, learn from them, don’t give up if sometimes things get difficult, but act in all simplicity. If you can do this, you will acquire a radiance. This means giving form to love in your life, and love takes account of your mistakes and those of others.

Dare to acknowledge mistakes, also in yourself, and keep in mind that you can and may make mistakes. So, as you go forward in life, you will be supported because your mistakes will be forgiven. And so also forgive others when they make mistakes.

Connecting with others

Dare to live, dare to stand up for what is beautiful, for what is good, for those things that live within you and that you should be able to bring to expression. By doing this you will be able to connect with others and it is in this way that you form a group. You can always go further in your pursuit and you will be supported and a joy will come to your heart.

A new light

You will know what it means to support one another and therein you will find a new way, because there is a new light on this earth. This implies a solidarity between people, it implies having a right relationship with one another. It implies opening yourself to a new vision, to a radiant light that is your own Self, and daring to live from out of yourself.

It is a force that is present in your own existence and, when you accept this force, you will be able to go forward. It is not that you will simply be treading water, it’s not that you will become confused but that you will be able to take yourself in hand and bring yourself to expression and therefrom will be able to experience a greater force. It is important to believe in yourself and to dare to take steps. Be brave and go forward. "

  Morya Bezinning 2: Een nieuw leven

Master Morya

Master Morya’s message given by Geert Crevits in Bruges, Belgium, on 5th June 1995 and published as chapter 8 (Solidarity) in the Dutch book “Morya Bezinning 2” (A new life) ©

© Geert Crevits,,

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