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July 2023

Dearest eNews readers,

In July I will be giving a workshop on 'earthing'. In his books Master Morya speaks literally thousands of times about 'this earth', as if it is important to make it absolutely clear He is talking about this earth and not another one. I think He makes this distinction to regularly and subtly remind us that we are actually cosmic beings and only reside on 'this earth' for a limited amount of time.

There is so much Master Morya says about us and the earth that it isn't easy to choose a representative excerpt for a newsletter. I selected a few extracts from the book, "The step towards infinity." These are inspiring sentences that let you sample a vision of the Earth as a mother, as a very conscious being, as someone you can love and have a deep connection with and who can give you practical and personal guidance and support, if only you open yourself up to that. Regards from Marie

Meester Morya

Meditation for the full moon of 3rd July 2023:

Master Morya,

"The Earth is a mother, a force, a virtue, and she cares very much for the people she nourishes, that she raises or educates, that she pushes and drives onward and wishes to take forward in complete honesty and sincerity, because the Earth is a sincere being. She is a very great being that works out her intentions.


The Earth will not always be a part of you. As I've told you, the days are numbered. So take advantage of your presence on this Earth. Realize that each day holds a kind of puzzle piece that fits in with the other days and can bring forth a unique element in your life.

Each day on this Earth is a unique experience - in terms of time, of energy, of possibilities - and this is something you can well sense: "Today, what can I do today?" You become aware of the time you spend on this Earth and in the morning you ask yourself: "What will my day be like today; what should I do today?" And through your connection with the Earth, the being Earth, from the smile the Earth gives you, you will suddenly know: "This is what I should do; this is what I can do today." Don't be surprised then when you receive help from people, because people belong to this Earth.


And this is the importance that people should recognize: not to run away from this Earth, neither in thought nor in desires, but to be actually present and to take on a task, to have something to do on this Earth. Because, when you are confronted with humanity, you will see how muddled things are and how much should be different. This doesn't mean you should go about changing everything, but it does mean that you should have a relationship with the person who is searching and trying to do things in his or her way. When you believe in this relationship, you will always be able to contribute something.


Believe in this Earth and be aware of how important it is to work on this Earth, to work on the problems facing humanity, on your own problems. By not running away you will come into contact with the right energies that are participating and which will indeed help you to provide solutions.

This is very important and it's what is called 'earthing' or 'grounding': To give the Earth a place in your life by not escaping to heaven, because there is so much work to be done here.


The grain kernel needs to be thrown upon the ground before it can begin to grow. That is the correct relationship. See yourself as a grain kernel that should be grounded in the soil, in order to be able to grow. Then you can meet the light. Then you can receive the light and surround yourself with the right beings."

  Morya Kracht 4: De stap naar oneindigheid

Master Morya

Geert Crevits, translated excerpts from “Morya Kracht 4” (The step towards infinity), fragments from chapters 14 and 15: ‘Contact with the earth, contact with humanity’ and ‘The earth’s covenant’ ©

© Geert Crevits,,

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