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August 2023

Dearest eNews readers,

Over the years it becomes ever easier to see how life is well arranged when you dare to be loving and flexible. We've learned to be very adaptable when things don't go ahead as planned or the date changes or when they then go ahead anyway, and so on, because in the end it invariably turns out that things arrange themselves in the best possible way. These days we also very often say yes whenever people suggest or ask something, because we trust that everything that happens in our lives happens for a deeper reason that we cannot see in advance, and often that's exactly how it turns out.

Yet there are also times when we say yes just so as not to discourage someone, but afterwards realize we'd actually rather avoid a certain situation. But this too is so often arranged for us—for example, not long afterwards we might receive a message that something has been postponed or 'unfortunately' cancelled. By trusting in the Divine, you can go a long way!

We found the following text on being guided, setting boundaries and going beyond them in the beautiful book, "The great voyage of discovery." Regards from Lydia and Marie

Meester Morya

Meditation for the full moon of 31st August 2023:

Master Morya,

"There will always be energies to lead you onward. However, one day will differ from another. One day you will make progress and the other not. Don’t let this bother you. There will always be things to guide you and take you further, though not necessarily in detail. Therefore you should be able to see the major threads in your life.

Over the months and years of your life, as you make progress and go forward, you will discover yourself becoming ever more joyful. You will begin to notice a constructiveness taking place in your life, enabling you to make use of a certain simple energy. This means you will always be able to work with something new, but with simplicity and an energy.

This simple energy is present when people are able to follow themselves. You have this simple energy whenever you work with love, because you know: ‘I should be loving and I am capable of being loving.’ Love means opening yourself, and when you can handle this energy, you allow yourself to develop. Whenever you use this same energy for others, in other words when you deal lovingly with others, you are also allowing the other to develop himself or herself, in every domain.

You’ll discover that, in fact, there are no boundaries in life and that you dare to live with this fact. To the extent you dare to do this, you’ll find yourself developing and also come up for the world, breaking down the boundaries. You should be able to set boundaries, but you must also be able to let them go.

Boundaries are always important during a certain part of the evolution, but not to such an extent that they determine you. A boundary is always something temporary. You should understand that boundaries have their significance, and that their purpose is for you to be able to go beyond them.

Whatever experiences you are having it’s always important to remain calm and to always manage to see further than what you can see at that moment. The energy is capable of doing this. If you live with a simple energy, it will take you further. You will make discoveries in your life by which your consciousness will grow and expand. You will gain a new vision of reality and set certain boundaries.

Allow this energy to guide you, for in this way you will be able to go beyond your own thoughts, and your thinking can then unite with this energy in order to open itself for the new reality.

The simplicity of life depends upon your letting life be life, and understanding that now, at this very moment, new energies are coming into being, allowing you to go further than before."

  Morya Wijsheid 7: De grote ontdekkingsreis

Master Morya

Geert Crevits, translated excerpt from ‘Morya Wisdom - book 7’ (The great voyage of discovery), beginning of chapter 2: ‘Young people in contact with their souls understand universality' ©

© Geert Crevits,,

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