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April 2023

Dearest eNews readers,

Today people face many challenges, not only as humanity but also often on a personal level. Master Morya repeatedly stresses the great importance of being in touch with yourself before you can become truly meaningful to others. Only when you have the inner connection with your own intuition and inner guidance will you be able to discover what your task is here on this earth, what will bring you joy and what your path is.
One of the easiest ways to connect to your soul and inner wisdom is to have a relationship with the Divine, to invite the divine energy into your life and into your heart.
This month's full moon message gives a really easy exercise, or rather an image to keep in mind, when trying to become more open to the great Love in this universe. With regards from Marie

Meester Morya

Meditation for the full moon of 6th April 2023:

Master Morya,

"When you ask yourself questions and perhaps think: 'I've so much to do; what all do I have to do?' then you don't need to be scrupulous about everything: 'this must and that must and that and that must.....' No. Maybe look at what is important to you personally, without constantly shifting your attention to others.

Every now and then try to recharge your batteries, and this is also possible when there are questions in your life. Don't think: 'Right now it's too difficult, I don't have any time for reflection, I don't have that warranted time I need for myself.' On the contrary, it's just then that you should dare to seize that time, to just be, to look at your own life and do things from within yourself. That can be a fantastic regeneration.

Finding yourself

Perhaps you keep putting things off because you think: 'the others come first'. There's that concern, that commitment, that responsibility, those people around you, that work—sometimes there's so much that needs to be done that you may sometimes forget yourself in all of it, while still consciously colouring it as: 'I anyway have to give of myself'. This isn't always true. Above all, you should also be able to find yourself in things.

As you start to search for yourself in things, you may exaggerate and think: 'All these questions coming at me, maybe there's nothing that I'm doing right in my life', but of course you shouldn't see it that way. Sometimes you may be in the mood of: 'I don't count anymore; I'm not doing it correctly; I've screwed things up; where do I stand?' And all kinds of questions. Then don't conclude: 'It's all getting too difficult, life's too hard.' No, then you should realize: 'I'm becoming very honest in my life.' Because if you start looking you will of course see things that are not finished, things that were only begun or were even upsetting, but you shouldn't be afraid of that at all.

Like rain falling from the sky

Questions, questions, questions—but also a great meaning in your life, and once in a while you should dare to acknowledge that meaning: 'what does God mean to me? Can't anything be done with that? Can I not recognize that involvement? Can I not be involved with God every day, despite the many responsibilities, questions and situations around me?

Every now and then you should dare to do this in the simplest way possible: like rain falling from the sky and breathing new life into nature, you should be able to stand before God and allow God to be Himself to you. This isn't difficult; it's in that openness that you can revive, whatever has happened in your life.

So, don't worry that it's sometimes been difficult and that all these questions have come up while you know that you're a good person, because that is how it is. Whatever has been, you can reach that pure goodness of yourself."

  Morya Bezinning 9: Gelukkig durven zijn

Master Morya

Geert Crevits, translated excerpt from “Morya Bezinning 9: Gelukkig durven zijn” (Daring to be happy), beginning of chapter 3: ‘Regenerate yourself’ ©

© Geert Crevits,,

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