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September 2022

Dearest eNews readers,

Exactly ten years ago, something none of us ever thought or expected would ever happen at that time, suddenly did happen....and since then we have all had to make do without Geert's physical presence. In July 2011, in one of the last personal messages I received from Master Morya through my father, it says: "It may be that between now and a short time from now a whole new situation will arise (...) everyone enters an orientation, but it only brings peace and beauty (...) it is as if a 'particular something' presents an occasion to look at things in a new way, thereby fostering the idea that things don't stay stuck in indecisiveness but are taken into action." It's still always a miracle to me to see how a Master describes and puts into words the experiences of life; it's surprising and unusual and yet, in depth, so very true.

Since then time has flown by and has brought us (like so many people) quite a few challenges, but also a lot of 'action' and some wonderful accomplishments in the publishing house. It makes us look enthusiastically to the coming years, in which the work will hopefully be able to reach many more people so that they too may discover my father's books and, taking them into their hearts, find both love and support in Master Morya's words—in this world where love and support are sometimes so hard to find.

This month's full moon text is about the possibilities of a loving person, about the infinite force of your heart and about how you can change your life and your surroundings, simply by being yourself, with beauty. eRegards from Marie

Meester Morya

Meditation for the full moon of 10th September 2022:

Master Morya,

"When you are able to clarify your own existence for others, then you are doing something important. Sometimes people don’t realize this. Sometimes they are closed within themselves. Sure, they think about many things and think they are forming their lives, but progress lies in expressing what is within you.

Hence, if you feel there is something within you, then, in one way or another, try to express that, preferably in a form that is pleasant and beautiful and in a way that can also be meaningful for others. Make sure that even your words or the things you bring to others are the bearers of beauty, that they express love and achieve so much that you are able to find the strength, also in yourself, to continue on.

Because when you bring out something beautiful from your heart, it will give you the strength to go further and to bring out exactly that which is calling out for more. The more beautiful are the things that you bring from out of yourself, the more you will feel that you are accessing your power and are centred in your power. This happens every time you try to surmount yourself – in other words, when you come forward with things that are new, also for you. Because this is something you can do. Your heart, you should realize, is infinite; it holds all powers within itself and it can always bring out new things. The essence of your own existence is present in your heart.


There is so much that is possible in this world that you would be amazed if - even only a few - people would be able to live continuously from this force.

With your energy you can change your home, your street, your city, if only you begin to live from out of that source which is eternally present in your own heart. Don’t think that this is difficult, you just have to start with beauty and know: love can always be there in your own heart. And when you bring out that love, then there is something like a celebration, an openness towards others that, each time, is blessed with a happiness that flows from the one to the other. This is not some idealistic concept, it is a reality that can be born from each and every person’s heart.

You don’t need to wait for a special sign to begin with it. You don’t need to follow a particular course or maintain certain things. No, it’s enough just to try to live from your heart and know that you are not alone.

Because when you begin living from your heart you will immediately come in contact with beings who are around you and who will support you, who will steer and guide you and bless you. And, every time, something like a happiness will be born within your own being, in your environment, in your family, and so on. And, when you want, the great force within you will be a constant force.

Every time you allow changes from within yourself and that you do this with a certain love and a certain affection for others, you are taking a big step in your life. Because when you see for yourself what you are capable of doing and, if you then begin to do that, you will be truly amazed at the possibilities you will be creating in your life. For you are the one who gives form to your own life. You should realize that, coming from God, you are capable of having a great meaning on this earth.

Don’t wait to begin with it, I would say, but do decide for yourself. No one is just going to hand it to you and say: “Look here, this is something for you and you can do this now.” No, you are totally free.

What you bring out from within your heart is your business, it is your responsibility. By doing that in beauty and from God, you will experience an infinite joy and thereby also change the earth."

  Morya Bezinning 1: De Aarde als Wezen

Master Morya

Geert Crevits, excerpts from 'Morya Bezinning' book 1 (The Being that is Earth), chapter 2: ‘Accepting your responsibilities’ ©

© Geert Crevits,,

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