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May 2022

Dearest eNews readers,

For the first time in three years I once again gave a workshop on Morya and I’d like to share the essence of it with you.

To begin with the participants were asked: what are you busy with in your life at this moment? Not externally, but internally, within yourself, what is it you are struggling with, what is it that you are trying to learn? Meditate on these questions for a few minutes. Master Morya will help you to clarify things.

In the workshop, Master Morya suggested three kinds of ‘homework’. Three things to try out in your own life:

1: Start the day by making contact with the world of the Divine
In the morning, when you wake up in bed, think about the day ahead and what you will be doing.
Then ask that the Divine would lead you through your intuition to do what is good and what is right. Ask that God would show you how life can be, and ask that you may live in God’s world today. Then ask the Divine to lead you through your intuition to do what is good and what is right. Ask God to show you how life can be and ask that you may live in God’s world today.
When you get out of bed, step into the world of the Divine.
(If you think you might forget, lay a sheet of paper on the floor next to your bed, so that when you step on it the next morning you’ll remember.)

2: Listen to yourself and be more detached from what others supposedly want
At several moments during the day, think: What do I want? Where am I heading? What is still inside of me, ready and waiting to come forth? What is important to me? What does my heart say?
Stay in the now: what is important to me NOW?

3: Make room within for confidence
Make space within you for confidence – confidence in yourself and confidence in the Divine. With confidence you’ll be calmer, more open for what is present and more open for intuition.
If you lack confidence, you can kindle confidence in yourself by thinking of confidence.

If you try to do these three things at different moments during the day, then, after just even a few days, you will already see how all three combine to make an exciting package of new possibilities.

For the full moon, I collected a few quotes from Master Morya’s books to illustrate the three assignments. eRegards from Marie

Meditation quotes for the full moon of 16th May 2022:

Master Morya,


“Each of you, know that your life is blessed. This is especially so if you dare to pay attention to your inner self, if you dare to believe in the divine force invested in your personal life—if you think of this for just a moment when you wake, your day will be blessed.” (from the 40th Morya course)

“The Divine Mother can do everything and, despite the difficulties, she can take you where you need to be. Presume this is so and stand in that force. So, ask the Mother to come into your life, to be with you.

If during the day you do this for a second, a minute, not long, you will be in Her energy and able to move forward and to learn to live from there. That’s why I would ask that you give a little attention to this brief moment of Mother—or of Divine Father, it comes down to the same—such as: ‘here I am, standing before you. Inspire my life, fill my life, fulfil my life.’” (excerpt from the 21st Morya Course)


“There are very many people who take too great account of others and because of this are at certain times forced to actually make a detour while they try to accommodate themselves too much to the other, and that is a big waste of time.” (from Morya Kracht book 2, chapter 13)

“It’s important to pay attention to questions like:  Who am I?  Where am I?  Where am I going?  What do I want in my life?  These are essential questions that make you delve more deeply into yourself and become more aware of yourself. 

It's true that people will often distract you and demand your attention.  It could be that your family demands so much of your attention that you virtually never get to think about yourself.  Nevertheless, regardless of the situation, this difficulty can be overcome.  You must never think it impossible.  It is always possible to redirect your attention and see what happens when you look at yourself.” (from Morya Wisdom book 5, chapter 8)


“It’s a whole other thing when you can say to yourself: “Be happy, have confidence and keep on going”, as a way of encouraging yourself.  Sometimes this is really important for there are times when you don’t know how to go on, when you feel: “It turned out completely differently than what I had thought.” (from Morya Bezinning book 2, chapter 3)

“Try to trust in yourself. Trust in the fact that you are someone who can take on more than you can at this moment, that you are bigger, more spacious than you think” (from Morya Wisdom 4: Trust in yourself , chapter 7)

“People tend to hold on to everything around them. Although they know they shouldn’t do this, they just can’t seem to find the trust within themselves to take that one step, to say, “Let go and just see.” This is what you should always try to do, “Let go and just see what happens.”” (From Morya Wisdom 2: Simplicity, chapter 7)

Master Morya

© Geert Crevits,,

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