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July 2022
  New websites!

Dearest eNews readers,

If you have any questions or problems there is now a place online where you can go anytime, day or night, for advice and insight. On the new website of you can pick a card with quotes from Master Morya, taken from all the books that have so far been published in Dutch. You can also pick a card without having a specific question but simply for inspiration or if you find formulating a particular question too complicated. Master Morya’s texts will surely enlighten your mind, calm your thoughts, and give you confidence and a clear perspective on the matter.

In addition, on you will find many beautiful texts that cover all kinds of topics — question and answer, meditations to do alone or with others, videos and previous full moon letters you can either consult at random (using a choose and select feature) or as material for study or reflection.
Those who want to progress inwardly will find more than enough choice here to take the step towards a more conscious and rich inner life.

Tell your friends about it too!

Meester Morya

Meditation for the full moon of 13th July 2022:

Master Morya,

"In your soul you can have a sudden burst of desire to do this and that — these are subtle moments of intuition, an insight that comes to you like a flash of lightning: 'I should do this, and no one can keep me from it.'

But as you begin you slide back into your thoughts, into your feelings and into the reality of this earth. It might even be that before you can begin there is already nothing left of your original idea, of your intuition.

This is because there is no joy involved, because you failed to see this as a part of yourself that you found. And yet, this is something that should be able to happen, time and time again: That you learn to love the life in your own originality and learn to make room for those moments of joy that come, those moments of deep insight that come to you from your soul so that you can learn to love life as it really is.

This doesn’t mean you will become a daydreamer. On the contrary, you’ll work fast and realize: this and that needs to be done’, and you’ll know for yourself: ‘this is the way I should do it, there’s no doubt about it.’

But if you’re not careful, your thoughts that are formed on this earth will keep coming in between: ‘yes, but he said this and my mother said that and my father said’........and so on. Then you are moving away from your intuition, you are going away from your own originality and entering into a struggle that you will almost surely lose, because these thoughts, as well as your feelings, can make you sad, and because you are then actually denying you own originality, your own insights.

It’s not necessary to live like this. Within yourself you can find the way to those things that are original, that are good, that are virtuous, because you live with virtue and this will certainly give you an objectivity so that you’ll know: ‘this is what life is like, I don’t need to learn it at school, I have to know it for myself, this is how it is.’ "

  Morya Kracht 1: Kiezen om jezelf te zijn

Master Morya

Geert Crevits, from: Morya Kracht book 1: Kiezen om jezelf te zijn (Choosing to be yourself), excerpt from chapter 12: 'The key to your force’ ©

© Geert Crevits,,

Mayil eNieuws

The new website of

Publisher's website:
- With each book, an image of the front and back covers of the book, general explanations, a selection of quotes and a view-PDF with the foreword, an excerpt from the book and the full table of contents.
- Easy online ordering directly from the publisher!
- About us: including the meaning of the name 'Mayil' and a timeline of our publishing house.

For the first time there is now also "Ask Master Morya": a free online pick a card feature!

With a choice of no less than two online card sets:
* Online advice: for answers to all your questions
* Life Lessons: for personal advice without asking a question or, for example, as daily inspiration

Mayil eNieuws

The new

Website about Master Morya and Geert Crevits, with a lot of wisdom to discover and apply in all kinds of ways:
- Introduction: 9 great principles from all the books of Master Morya
- Meditations (with 'Let fate choose')
- Question & answer
- Videos
- Full moon letters (also with a choose and select feature)

There is also a section on getting together with other readers, including meditations you can do together as a group, advice from Master Morya for groups and, if you should want to, explanations on how to start your own group.

Also read more about Master Morya and the life story of Geert Crevits (with many photos and also testimonials).

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