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January 2022

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Every so often Master Morya speaks about how you, as a person, can come to a dialogue with the things you are busy with, as long as you are completely calm and focused. Those things can then tell you all kinds of information: what you can do, what would be better not to do, what is actually the point, and even who you are.
This dialogue doesn't need to be with words, it can also be just a kind of exchange of knowing. It's a very pleasant experience but, to be really aware of the fact it is happening, you have to do it regularly. It's something so unnoticeably subtle that you will often not even realize you did it. But once you get the habit, it can be such a deep and uplifting experience that even the most mundane chores become intense and compelling.

The key to getting to that dialogue is a combination of three things: concentration, the acceptance of what you are doing, and completely letting the rest of the world go for a while. And the best thing is all the positive effects it will have on your life - many more than you might think! eRegards from Marie

“Every moment of concentration is important”
(Morya Wisdom book 8, chapter 7)

Meditation for the full moon of 18th January 2022

Master Morya,

"The power of being present in what you are doing is very important. So look at your life and try to be present in what you do. Because otherwise you will be running beside yourself, with the result that you will do things about which afterwards you’ll think: ‘I shouldn’t have done it that way.’ But if you are present in what you are doing then you can immediately make corrections and also learn from that.

It also means you are then working with focus and are consequently confronted with many things which are new for you. Because you will see that the reality of everyday life can be very challenging. When you are alert you actually become a flower, you are then somewhat like one who, within that concentration, blossoms open and welcomes in the light.

This is very important: that you learn to notice this in your everyday life. The point is not to be special in life, the point is to live an inspired life and, from that, to learn what it is to receive. Because life itself presents itself when you open yourself to it. This is very simple but can be a troublesome and difficult thing, because to be focused is not easy. It means letting go of things. Being focused is something you do by trying to forget things, and that is the difficulty.

You must therefore learn to accept what is there before you and to fully engage yourself in that and to see what you could do about it and how to give yourself to that. And at the same time you should not be absent-minded, which is to say: you must not take on too much because otherwise you will not be able to place that in your life and it will then also not become a part of your life.

So strive to express yourself in what you do and, through that, try to attain a kind of infinity in your life, so that you can realize ‘the great contact’, namely becoming aware that all is one and that a stream of love is flowing to you from that oneness. You can experience that in your daily life.

The Earth is good, it’s a good place to live. So it is not wrong to love the Earth and certainly not wrong to engage yourself here on this Earth. But do that from out of a certain love, from out of a polarity: so that you feel focused in regard to the Earth, to new things.

You should know that the Earth is always creative. There is system in place to teach people to see things as they are. People are often go around in a mist, unable to see what is going on. Therefore, the reality is a very important fact, implying that nothing stands on its own, that everything is connected, the one with the other. If you are capable of seeing the totality in a small thing, then you will be able to experience a very beautiful connection with it and, through that connection, able to blossom and flourish. This means a real concentration, a real experience and an acceptance of life.

When you open yourself to the reality facing you, you will notice a lot happening within you: a kind of response, a kind of answer which you give to the reality confronting you.

You should know that the reality is not always nice or beautiful. Learning to see things means you should also be able to accept what is ‘not so nice’ or 'not so beautiful' and through that ‘less nice’ or ‘not nice’ you should be able to see the true beauty. This is not a contradiction. It means you are approaching the deepness of life."

Master Morya

Geert Crevits - Excerpt from the book “Morya Kracht 7” (Becoming open to reality), chapter 5 ©

© Geert Crevits,


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