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October 2021

Dearest eNews readers,

This month I took an initiation class in tai chi. One of the exercises was for two people – one person had to put her hand on the other person’s shoulder and give a gentle push. The person who is pushed is then faced with the choice of how to deal with that. The teacher said that most people resist when pressure is put on them, they immediately resist and that takes a lot of energy. Or else they react emotionally, feel overwhelmed, and are then easily pushed over. In Tai Chi, however, one learns about a third possibility: to first gently go along with the movement until you can regain your own stability.
In other words, finding a balance is a choice, despite circumstances, or is it due to circumstances?
“Don’t think your fellow person can push you over,” Master Morya says encouragingly in Reflection 9.

For this month's full moon text we chose an excerpt from one of our little books called "Standing Strong". The text is certainly not one of the easiest, but all the deeper for it. And if your read it with attention, word by word and sentence by sentence, it can become a personal guide from which you can gain a great deal of benefit. eRegards from Marie

Meditation for the full moon of 20th October 2021

Master Morya,

"When you live in the deepness it’s possible to live life fully and know that life is actually about being loving and bringing balance and creating harmony amongst people, so that peace becomes a real possibility. That’s why you should be able to be active, able to do things in many different directions in order to accentuate things in your life.

It’s a fact that if you don’t lay certain emphases in your own life others will try to do it in your place. This will affect you and you may feel very strongly about it, because sometimes people’s feelings can be manipulated and this can bring about conflict. But if you are living your own life in a deep and balanced way then people will not be able to influence you.

This means taking your distance from happenings, taking account of the time and yet being able to react quickly in a moment of crisis and knowing: ‘this is certainly important because of this or that reason. I have to do this and that.’ But this is then also something you can easily let go of. In this way you are climbing out of the valley and coming up into the reality of life.

The superficiality of life always presents things that are either one way or another, that can be described in different ways and can also be experienced as unsettling. But when you are in the deepness of life you are actually in the fire, in the fieriness of existence. You are living in your own centre and know that you can have contact with those things that are truly important.

For then you enter into reality, the reality of the existence of God, and if you don’t feel comfortable with that word then know that you are entering into the warmth, into the intelligence of existence. At this point consciousness expands and you suddenly enter a peace whereby you learn to feel things in the correct way and learn to find an answer within yourself.

There are many possibilities on this earth; there is a shifting of great energies. This means that viewpoints are also changing. People are beginning to understand things more from the inside out. Very many people are asking themselves real questions about life, about what is being said. But this is only possible when you are living in the deepness of your life.
The only way you can make judgements about politics or science or about other people is by doing so from a state of balance, from a harmony within yourself. If that is not there you will be swayed back and forth between ‘he says this’ and ‘she says that’. Then your life is a fantasy, a fable and you could think: ‘yes, just as long as everything goes smoothly.’

When you look at things superficially you forget that there is a centre of force in your own life.

If you live with love in a very simple manner, you can come to that centre, uplift yourself and know what it’s really all about, also as to what regards others. Because whatever kind of people they are, wherever they may happen to live, whatever their living circumstances may be, you will be able to understand them from within yourself. If, that is, you are living in yourself, if you are home in yourself; if you are not perturbed, if you don’t get caught up with the agitations of the day but bring the necessary reality into your own life."

Master Morya

Geert Crevits; translated fragment from chapter 2 of the book “Morya Bezinning 8: Sta in je kracht” (Standing strong) ©

© Geert Crevits,


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