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March 2023

Dearest eNews readers,

After a minor incident this month, I was very shocked to observe how certain people who like to talk at length about love and spirituality can still suddenly go all cold and resentful towards some others they once felt hurt by. All at once, one sees how there can be a deep chasm between words and actions, and it clearly shows the limit of one's capacity to love. For myself, it was a sobering moment, but fortunately I found a great support in Master Morya's texts. Even what is not loving or beautiful He views in such a sober and loving way. He knows people are not perfect and yet loves them because of the broad view He has. He is never shocked and always calm and serene. With patience, He does all He can to help humanity move forward and is there for each one of us when we take Him as example.

I chose this month's text because of the deep wisdom it contains, wise words that each of us can lean on in whatever situations we find ourselves in. Regards from Marie

Meester Morya

Meditation for the full moon of 7th March 2023:

Master Morya,

"There is at this moment on Earth an urgency concerning certain stress points. There is a very essential battle going on, a consequence of the Great War that took place and that still always carries the seeds of destruction, annihilation and misery within itself.

When you, as a person, look at your own misery within yourself, you gain an understanding of the stress points. And daring to do this is very important, daring to discover your own stress points within yourself, not between others but in yourself, so that you know: 'This is my problem - humankind's problem is my problem but I don't have to solve it for humanity, I have to solve it for myself.'

The art is to be able to acknowledge your own problems, recognizing past problems in your life; not to blame yourself but to discover a new element in your life in order to move forward and to know: 'I did it this way and that was not good and now I am doing it in another way to try and see if it can be better'. In this simple and sober way you can look at the process of learning which you are going through and then you will be able to understand other people's learning processes too. You don't need to blame others, also not if they are acting in evil ways, but it is important for you to learn to understand why they are acting like this. If you look at the way in which they are living and how this has implications which they had perhaps not seen, then you will also be able to come up with certain answers in your own life that may then have consequences in your life.

When you give answers, do that with your heart and then you will have good results. And even if the heart would be wrong - which is unimaginable, but just suppose it would be wrong, suppose you are, for example, too quick to react in certain instances - then you will still find the way to the deepness of your heart. The heart holds the key to the transformation of the future. You will see, each time you live more with and closer to your heart, you will be able to be more in solidarity with other people and you will be able to more clearly express the understanding you carry within yourself. Thus, you will give answers and, consequently, you enter into the renewal, because if you give answers then you meet with the consequences. You have now touched on a cause that will have its consequences, because when you bring certain things to the fore you will see that an effect will follow.

Therefore, if you say something to someone it will have consequences. If you do something for someone, then this has consequences. If you do it with your heart it will have good consequences because then you are speaking mainly from your insight, from what you know, and the heart knows because love knows.

The force is present. Don't think you have to search for it outside of you. Very many people are in solidarity with others but, when it comes down to it, in the end they still look only at themselves and not at what they have in common. Dare to expand boundaries. Dare to include the other in your own life.

It's that simple, including the other in your life and saying: "What I see there, that is my life." If you see life in the other then realize that this is your life, for you are spacious enough to carry and garner all life within you. Be like the Divine Mother who bears everything within Her, and when you are able to do this then you will be present here on Earth in a new way.

Evolve in a way so that you always give more room to the other in your life, so that you realize: 'What is happening there, that is my life'. Then you will more easily be able to cope with the renewal, because you will see that it is your own life that allows other people to introduce new elements.

Life is alloyed with everything, it doesn't stand apart from any renewal, it doesn't stand apart from any evil. Dare to stand in your own life. Despite the fact that there is evil on this Earth, you should not flee the world. A person can well have the tendency to say: "What is happening there, that is not my life, it is their life." And yet, if you see it as being your own life, then you will be able to find that prayer in your heart, that word of comfort for your brother, for your sister, wherever he or she may be in this world, because then an energy of exchange is created, and this is very important."

  Morya Kracht 2: Sleutel tot de Nieuwe Tijd

Master Morya

Geert Crevits, translated from Morya Kracht 2, ‘Key to the New Era’ (Sleutel tot de Nieuwe Tijd), from chapter 9: ‘The other is a part of you' ©

© Geert Crevits,,

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