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January 2023

Dearest eNews readers,

Last autumn a friend came to one of my lectures for the very first time. The subject was 'Living from your heart' and, as usual, the lecture was very diverse and practical. A while later I received a text message from her: "Wanting to be where you are, can it be that that one little sentence is already changing my life? Every time when I think of it, I automatically pull myself together, straighten my back and start smiling and feel happy. It's been that way for a week now. Can it really be that easy?"

You can try it for yourself – you will find Master Morya’s text about this masterly insight below as the full moon meditation of January 2023. With regards from Marie

Meester Morya

Meditation for the full moon of 7th January 2023:

Master Morya,

"Simplicity is something you can attain at any and all moments of the day. You should never think: 'I'm in a situation where I simply cannot attain simplicity'. No. Imagine, for instance, that you are in a certain place and want to go somewhere. Then you have to really want this and not begin thinking: 'yes, but, I want to stay here and I also want to leave', because then you are not in simplicity. If you are somewhere and there is some place where you want to go, then do that. Go there. If, for instance, you are with a group of people and you want to think something over, then think about it and don't listen anymore. In this way you can assess your thoughts and know to where these thoughts are leading you. This is simple and it means you are really acting well.

If you think, you think. If you are doing something, you do it. If you want to go somewhere, then you go there. This simple action of yours, this acting from simplicity, brings you in touch with your own capabilities, brings you in touch with your power.

It is a very simple suggestion but it's really difficult to put in into effect, because you may then quickly be confronted with impossibilities: you want to go somewhere but you can't, even though you absolutely want to. Then you first need to arrange a few things before it becomes a possibility, and this organizing takes time and makes you distracted.

You should see to it that you deal with things in as simple a way as possible and say: "That is where I want to go at this moment, and so I will." And if you are not up to it, postpone it for a bit and do not keep yourself busy with it. Know: 'I will get there, but not now.' In this manner you can call yourself back to order and bring yourself to where you are. This is very important: to be where you are; to be present in the moment in which you are now, with your thoughts, with your feelings and with the whole of your being.

If you can do this, if you can come to the point where you live in simplicity, in your own power, then you can also do a great deal for others, because then you will suddenly start to see more. You will suddenly feel another vibration go through you, and all at once you will open yourself completely, be completely present with the things.

This is the intention, to go so far, so deeply into that presence that you can feel the Presence there, and that you can feel the vibration there. That you, therefore, can allow the infinite within yourself because you, yourself, are present in that infinity."

  Morya Kracht 4: De stap naar oneindigheid

Master Morya

Geert Crevits, translated from the book “Morya Kracht 4” (The step towards infinity), from chapter 8: ‘Wanting to be where you are’ ©

© Geert Crevits,,

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