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February 2023

Dearest eNews readers,

No one who crosses my mother's path can escape her asking, "Have you tried 'Ask Master Morya' yet?" Often the answer will be "no" and then together they quickly make their way to a laptop or tablet, or take out a smartphone. They go to, a question is then asked, the person clicks on 'online advice', chooses a rose and then a part of a picture, and, lo and behold, the miracle appears! More often than not the answer will be so striking, so precise, so loving and helpful---and suddenly Master Morya's presence and care is tangibly near.

My wish is for all our readers to experience this wonderful feeling! Regards from Marie

Meester Morya

Meditation for the full moon of 5th February 2023:

Master Morya,

"There will always be new pathways. Each time the trust in yourself grows greater, you are actually setting out on a new path. Because trust takes you further in life; it makes you go searching for what lives within you and take it into consideration.

Taking account of yourself means listening to your inner self, to the deepest thing that lives within you; and this is not possible without trust.

When you live your life in total trust, try to make it as nice as you can for yourself, because each time you want to take your life forward, you will encounter difficulties. All at once, you’ll want to react differently and speak differently. You’ll want to do different things, and you should allow yourself to do so, because in this way you will learn what it is to really accept change.

The people who know you - your family members for instance - may be surprised when you say and do certain things it’s not your habit to say or do. They won't understand you anymore and, since you will come out with new things that they can't place, they will think you are different. They may also suspect this to be a kind of evasiveness on your part, something not really so important, and an exaggeration. In essence this is, of course, not true. In essence you are beginning to come closer to yourself and expressing more of what is really within you. That is the great importance of it.

Thus, as you come closer to yourself, because of the self-confidence you have gained, the words you speak will be more correct and subtler. You will be less stressed; instead of remaining in ignorance, suddenly you will understand much more and you will be able to have a real contact instead of just reacting.

In many cases people are used to seeing you act in a certain way and, when this changes, they don't understand you anymore. This may give them stress, because suddenly you are no longer so willing to, for instance, do or comply with certain things. Whereas in the past you would automatically do these things, now you will first think about it, and also take time for yourself, which means you are not so manipulable anymore, you have become more yourself and the things you do will be more correct; and this is always important. When you have gained trust in yourself and thereby go forward in life, then you are acting in a good way, and a new energy is born within you. You will notice yourself getting stronger.

Each time you become more yourself, you meet with situations where this strength is tested. The result of this might be that you will fall back into that old pattern, but never again for long. Because you have had a taste of your own freedom, of your possibilities and self-confidence, you will gradually win it all back, so that you finally begin to truly live. Then you are doing well.

When I tell people they are doing well, this means that they are in a state to trust in life and in themselves. It is precisely because of this that they can keep achieving more in their lives.


What the future brings, you'll see. You are following yourself and this makes you flexible, enabling you to make changes. Originally, within himself or herself, everyone is flexible. You can regain this quality by living within yourself. Then instead of confusion there will be simplification and openness to different things. In this way you will be able to work better, to function better and will be better able to see what you are doing. In this way you can also gain power. The probability that you will go forward will be great because, each time, you will know of yourself: 'look, I can and may do this, I have the permission from myself, from my deepest inner self.' In other words, you will now be In agreement with yourself instead of in conflict. This is simplification.

When you are living your own life - thus when you have this trust - there is concordance. You are then not in conflict with yourself, but are doing things coming from out of yourself, because you want to. It's very important to be able to come to this simplicity of life, because it can bring you further. When you live in simplicity, you are empowered and you will meet the right people and the appropriate circumstances, because these things are connected.

When you live with your own divinity, these sorts of situations are created for you in order that you can function in them. So see to it that you are in agreement with yourself when change comes into your life. Don’t do anything that goes against yourself - because others in the outside world expect it of you or because some kind of pressure is put upon you. No, you should be able to exercise your free will. Realise how important this is."

  Morya Kracht 4: De stap naar oneindigheid

Master Morya

Geert Crevits, translated from Morya Wisdom book 8, ‘Living in the centre of your life’ (In het centrum van je leven staan), from chapter 8: ‘What is holding you back?’ ©

© Geert Crevits,,

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