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November 2022

Dearest eNews readers,

November is a good month to be busy with inner progress and renewal, and so too with the letting go of old things, old thoughts and old patterns. Let the light come in you and open yourself to a soft breeze of renewal— and you can do this calmly, without hurry and with faith. I chose a text on this subject from the wonderful book "Living in the centre of your life". The text is a bit longer than usual for our newsletters, but so beautiful, simple and very inspiring!

This first weekend of November, I will be visiting in Poland for a few days and hosting a workshop around this same topic of letting go and renewal. Whoever can be in Krakow on Saturday 5th November at 5pm is most welcome to attend! Regards from Marie

Meester Morya

Meditation for the full moon of 8th November 2022:

Master Morya,

"When you live in the deepness, you will suddenly become aware of a force leading you. All at once you will experience the symbolic value that things have and realise there is so much more to life than only the flat, sober reality around you, so much more than what you can see and experience with you mind and outer senses.

Suddenly everything is given a colour and a depth that is new and brilliant, and brings with it a new kind of connection. You will immediately feel a very deep contact with certain people you are meeting for the first time, and this can be very pleasant and wonderful.

In addition, it may also happen that you suddenly feel distant from people you associate with every day. Even this can be wonderful because you are then suddenly conscious of this distance. It was always there but before you were simply not aware of it. All these things keep becoming clearer. It begins to dawn upon you that you have an own family, perhaps spread wide and far around the world and living in different countries, but with whom you can still have contact. This is a soul contact whereby you feel a kinship and know: this is something for me.

And so all these pieces of the puzzle are presented to you and fall in place. This can happen in your dreams at night, but you can just as well widen and extend the contacts you have in your daily life. You will begin to look at things from a wider perspective and open yourself to so much more than what you were used to. In this way you can have another life. A life that is broader because your orientation is now broader. You will feel at home with certain trends and with others not. You'll suddenly change things in your life, pick up another book, go to see certain people, and others not anymore. This is always possible, you may do all of these things.

You don't ever need to cling on to a certain concept, a certain structure or a certain book. No, you can always change. The purpose is for you to be someone who is searching, but then someone with an open vision, as open as possible, as sincere as possible. Never act fanatically, but know you should have a broad outlook, and especially should search for the best and most beautiful of what there is to find.

Search for the quality of life, because if you are busy with this, your life will surely be nicer. If you pay attention to quality, this is to say the virtue of the soul, then you can achieve much more than what you are used to doing.

When you come to be on the level of the soul, there will be certain things you really won't be able to stand anymore. You'll say: 'Hey, I don't like that anymore; now, I don't think this is good.' Consequently you will do other things and make other choices.

It's possible that you will change your wardrobe. This may sound funny, but it might be that your taste changes and you start buying other clothes. Therefore, you will orientate yourself differently even in the most material of matters.

You'll certainly notice the change in yourself, and this goes for all levels. Pay attention to everything that changes: tastes, smells, colours, forms.... it all has to do with the soul, because the soul is now taking the lead.

You'll feel yourself attracted to certain things, to certain books, to certain trends, to certain people, and feel a dislike for certain other people or things. Your discernment will become more defined, you'll be more aware of what it is you want: 'this yes, that no.' It's highly important you learn to make a distinction between those persons whom you do and do not want to associate with.

Have patience with yourself during this phase, because you can't change everything in your life at once. As you begin to observe the people and the reality around you, you must first of all practice your patience. Not condemning, not being judgmental by saying: 'Absolutely not that.' No, you may choose, surely, but you mustn't want to shove everyone around you out of your life.

On the contrary, you will be able to look at them anew, from another perspective. And then you will find that those people, whom you don't like and who don't fit into your life, are still fulfilling a function in your life and may be there. You are then able to recognize their worth and love them. But you mustn't lock them up in your life, thinking: 'they belong to me.' No, because then you can approach them more freely, allow them more freedom, and you also won’t begrudge them their freedom.

Even though they may be radically opposed to you, you won't mind and will even wish them well, because you'll realise that everyone has the right to have and express his or her own ideas. When you live with your soul you live in freedom; you know more and are conscious of more because your perspective is broader. Little by little, you begin to understand the past, sometimes even the distant past, as well as a bit of the future and sometimes also the far future. You experience a more expansive perspective in your life. Thereby you can make better choices and more clearly see what fits with you and what doesn't. In this way you are being guided.

There is then an intuitive guidance that is also a correct guidance, because the Divinity begins to take an active part in your life. You are able to feel whether something is right or wrong even in the very smallest of things. And this is the fun part: it becomes a game. Suddenly you see all of life as a game, and understand that some choices are actually not so important. You can make them, but you can also let go of very many things. This is what is nice: all at once you realise your picture book is out-of-date and you put it aside and say: 'No, not that anymore, I know it all by heart and I don't need to keep myself busy with that any longer.'

The picture book of life are the things and the snapshots you have collected, the thoughts you though were interesting, large and wide.....and suddenly you are looking from another perspective, even larger, even wider. Now you can easily let go of the old because you realise: 'I am replacing it with a joy that is great and strong and solid.'

You can understand now why you no longer need to cling to certain things. Suddenly there is so much space within yourself, space to take and to let go. Because now you know. Whatever the situation, you know you will always be guided."

  Morya Wijsheid 8: In het centrum van je leven staan

Master Morya

Geert Crevits, translated excerpt from 'Morya Wisdom' book 8 (Living in the center of your life), chapter 9: ‘About freedom and light’ ©

© Geert Crevits,,

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