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March 2022

Dearest eNews readers,

Twelve years ago my father and I were sitting at the desk that was in my bedroom. He telepathically dictated fifteen exercises for in the booklets of the Morya Cards sets. "Life Exercises", Master Morya called them, and each one is a little gem that deserves to be studied and applied in life. Today, sitting at a different desk in another bedroom and in a different house, that now distant moment still seems very near. The work continues and, because we can share it with one another, the joy keeps expanding. eRegards from Marie

Meditation for the full moon of 18th March 2022

Master Morya,

"Answers will come to your heart. Don't hide them, neither from yourself nor from others but you should, however, be able to meditate on them. As, deep within yourself, you become stiller, as you become happier and find an equilibrium, then through the right thoughts, an order will also come into your life. An obvious thought will be: 'I don't need to make any great efforts, because, actually, I know what I want.' This is a matter of purifying your feelings.

Feel that you are at peace with those who are near you; that you're not annoyed by them, that you don't need to run away from them, that you don't feel hurt and that you know: 'there is peace in my heart and I can do interesting things. ' There can also be very pleasant moments, moments filled with humor, moments filled with understanding. Moments when you can put your own ego into perspective and can see through the little entrapments, so to speak, into which your ego tries to lure you.

Once you begin to feel that you really understand things, it may be that you will go in a completely different direction because you now feel: ‘yes, there are now interests I’m starting to defend; I’m beginning to stand up for myself; I’m not letting myself be done in by circumstances. I can see what’s happening in the world but I can also be grateful for the relative freedom I have, and that freedom can grow because the environment I live in is important and because I feel that I can make a difference here.’

It’s a blessing to have a good life and it’s good to take up responsibilities in that good life and to feel happy with your existence. Don’t let yourself be subject to the coercion of others, but wrestle yourself free. See to it that you have a life and know: you can be a good person and, on this Earth, that is extremely meaningful."

  Morya card set (in Dutch)

Master Morya

Geert Crevits, second ‘Life exercise’ in the booklet of the Morya card set “Begeleiding” (Guidance) ©

© Geert Crevits,

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