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June 2022

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'The great force is there to guide you and you should know that.' Maybe we know it but don't really believe it. Maybe we believe it but don't trust ourselves to do the right thing. Maybe we know what to do, but lack the time or courage to do it. The great force knows and lovingly understands us, but doing what we feel within our hearts makes our lives easier, not harder, even if it doesn't seem like it at first. Don't be afraid to trust yourself, to do what you believe and to follow your heart as it leads you to a life that is more open, more loving, more independent and more joyful. If you can be someone who is strong and bright, your light will spread all around you and others will find it easier to find their own light as well. eRegards from Marie

Meditation for the full moon of 14th June 2022:

Master Morya,

You don’t need to know how it will turn out. You don’t have to ruminate over every this, that and the other before deciding to take a step in life. It’s enough just to know that it’s good and that it could be good; you should be able to take steps of which you know: ‘look, now this is important and later, we’ll see.’

You should know that evolution always comes with jolts, also in your own life. When you give yourself a certain impulse, saying: ‘Now, I have to do this,’ the important thing is that you do it, because then you will bring about a kind of impact in your life. And then you know: ‘I’m taking a step and crossing a threshold.’

Often it is fear that holds us back; we think too much. We would like to know where the steps we take will bring us and take account of the possible reactions of others, even before it all happens. But this isn’t possible, and behaving in this way is immobilizing. (...)

At a certain time you may have the desire to take certain steps; do it. You don’t have to wait until others take the same steps. You also shouldn’t wait for the support of others. No, take a step in the direction of which you think: ‘this is important for me,’ because you need to look at yourself therein. Be kind to yourself and realise this step you are taking in your life has a significance.

Each time you go forward in life, it’s good to take a brief moment to reflect on your progress in order to let it go.... and then to go further.

A moment of reflection always awaits you when you can be in silence, when you have no expectations for yourself, when you can see yourself as you are and can make peace with that, and when you can look at that moment of peace and at how you are living, at what you are doing, and can be happy with the life you have now at this moment. Of course, life will always have its struggles - every life has struggles - but you shouldn’t emphasize them. You should also be able to notice the peace in your life, and looking at this is a good basis to go forward.

You should be able to evolve from one peace to the next. The opposing forces will be minor. The powers of others are sometimes overestimated. The great power is guiding you and it’s always important to be aware of this.

  Morya Wijsheid 7: De grote ontdekkingsreis

Master Morya

Geert Crevits, source: Morya Wisdom book 7: “De grote ontdekkingsreis” (The great voyage of discovery), excerpts from chapter 11: 'Be open to the experiences deep within you'

© Geert Crevits,,

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