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February 2022

Dearest eNews readers,

The greatest enigma in life is the power of love. What does Love do and why? And when I too want to be loving, then how do I go about dealing with things? I found a beautiful text on this topic in our archives.

Our advice: read the text and then slowly read it a second time, this time reading it out loud to yourself so that you can hear it. Then take a piece of paper, briefly study the text and, in a few sentences or key words, write down your personal summary of it. Next, hang that piece of paper somewhere you can clearly see it and be open to what the following days and weeks bring you.

Don't push away the things that come on your path but face them calmly, and for every problem, look to see: 'how could I deal with this in a loving way? How can I put love into practice?'

For this you need to have a sense of what love is and what it does. Love is not the same at every moment. Love can sometimes say yes and sometimes say no; it can sometimes say 'yes' and then perhaps just wait. So love is not always predictable, but it does always have everyone's best interests at heart. It doesn't judge people but understands, it guides and is patient and looks to the long term. Love is not afraid to get burnt, to place trust in others, to set boundaries and push frontiers, and it offers the chance for light and joy to grow in all that it does.

Let yourself be guided, and don't forget: love is something incredibly powerful and whatever love does always has an effect, even if you can't see it. eRegards from Marie (and Lydia)

Meditation for the full moon of 16th February 2022

Master Morya,

"When you act from out of the love in your heart, when you understand there really is love in your heart, then you can set out in new directions. But with the help of this love you also discover who you truly are.

It is very important to dare to take steps in your life, to dare to take your own responsibilities. However, never do too much. This may seem odd, because here I’m encouraging you to take steps and at the same time say: never do too much. This is because from love, through the power of love, you know what is necessary and what is good, but you also know what you should not do.

So, it is important to make choices in life, choices as to what work you do, choices in the way you do that work, and choices regarding other people, so that you know: ‘this person is important for me for this and that reason’, or to know: ‘I need to be there for this or that person’— for your children for example—, or ‘I should let them go’, for this is also possible. Choices are important. It’s not that you should dogmatically think, ‘once and for always’, no, not like that. You should realize that you need to deal in a very nuanced and sensitive way, first of all with yourself, and with your fellow persons.

It is usually so that by going within into the silence of love, you will know what to do. If you ask yourself: ‘how would a loving person deal with this or that problem?’ you will then know what to do. But it’s not true that you should allow yourself to be pushed around by others who wish to outwit you. No, you need to be very honest and at the same time very perceptive. Look at the problem; try to see the problem as it really is and not as you would like it to be, but as it is in reality. Look at the other as he or she really is, try to look at that other as they really are.

When you do this from out of love, you will see that you discover a lot, because you know you are capable of supporting the other person in his or her search. This doesn’t always mean that you yourself should determine this. Now and then you should be able to make time to simply be with someone, but without directing or helping to direct that other person’s life. Just your presence in love, your willingness to listen to that other person’s life, is on itself—if done out of love—calming and soothing. For you should realize that when you live in love, you live in God; it’s that simple yet at the same time also difficult. Because, from God, from the love of God, from the love of your own heart, you will come to a path of expansion, of change. Wall after wall falls down, one bastion after the other is conquered.

You will find that inwardly you are capable of great things and that these also become outward realities. However, you should never force anything because that is not what it’s about. The point is to discover the rhythm of life within your heart. And this rhythm can be very different from one person to another.

Be aware too that you should never force your heart, that you should never command yourself to: ‘do this now’ if you cannot do something; this is not what it’s about. It is first and foremost about becoming calm in your own life because you know, and in your heart you can become aware of this knowingness, you can have contact with it.

It is very important to learn to follow your intuition, to learn to live in a good and sensitive way, in such a way so that you discover the fire in yourself, that you discover that happiness, that warm happiness within yourself, that you know there is goodness, goodness you yourself can experience. This is what makes you strong, what takes you forward, what places you in life in the right way. And thereby you will also meet with goodness, the goodness of your fellow persons, the goodness of the All, the goodness of nature.

There is so much that is beautiful in your life and, as you take steps towards that beauty, life nourishes you and you discover that life actually lies in the hands of the Divine Mother and that She is sharing Her own life with us. And so it is good to realize that you can meet Her there in your own heart and that, with Her love, so much is possible.

As you gain understanding of your own life, you might become radical and think: ‘this is how I am and that’s then how it should be, and so now let’s go.’ And yet this is just what you shouldn’t do. Try to be calm within yourself and try to be very nuanced in every direction, and still you should be able to take steps, to make choices. Don’t think: ‘yes, but when I make a choice I’ll lose so much’, because this is not how it is. Look instead at what you gain by getting to know yourself, by getting to know the deep trust that is in your heart.

Many beautiful things will be coming into your life, you will see. Because each of you is in a certain sense intrinsically very important, and you should realize this very well. There is a great significance in your life, in every person’s life who tries to live from and with the power of love, the power of God. So don’t waste any time."

Master Morya

Geert Crevits, general message from Master Morya given during the public programme of 22nd September 1999 in Beveren-Waas, Belgium. ©

© Geert Crevits,


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