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December 2022

Dearest eNews reader,

Good resolutions are made to last for a whole year and so are best made with care. They should also have something to do with goodness, or else they wouldn't be 'good' resolutions, would they?

Good resolutions become more enduring when witnessed by someone you can trust and tell them to, someone who knows you and will support you with wisdom and strength.

Master Morya will surely support and bless your good resolutions. You'll know it because it will make you feel happy, contended and fulfilled, calm, inspired and full of confidence and optimism.

May your resolutions for 2023 be full of beauty and love! Regards from Lydia

Merry Christmas Happy New Year  

We wish all our readers a merry Christmas and a happy, blessed year 2023!

With all our best wishes from Lydia, Marie and Laura

Meester Morya

Meditation for the full moon of 8th December 2022:

Master Morya,

"Peace is important—not as much the peace in the world as the peace within your own heart. If you can be in agreement with people, then show that you agree. And if you have a different opinion, then don’t blow it all out of proportion but know that there is an underlying tone you can hold on to, and this underlying tone becomes clear in your heart. Have concern for the person who is near you, and perhaps for the whole of humanity. But you don’t need to always show it; the main thing is that there should be peace in your heart.

Don’t think you need to make solid resolutions if you already know in advance: ‘I won’t be able to keep that up.’ Because it’s very important to dare to look at your life realistically. From time to time, do a little ritual, make a little light, light a candle. But as you light the candle, think of your heart, of the love within your heart, for that is where the candle should be lit. It is in your own heart that you should try to be loving to your fellow persons.

Not that you should just swallow everything, on the contrary. Not that you can’t fight, on the contrary. But do take the right steps, that is to say, put things into balance for yourself as well, so that you know: ‘if I exaggerate, I won’t be able to keep it up. However, I want to take small steps, but steps taken from the love of my heart, from the warmth of my heart, from the insight of my life.

Because you are all important people. And that little flame you can discover within yourself—because God is present in your life, because you have learnt to experience Him—in that little flame you can learn to see yourself as you are. In that bit of happiness, in that bit of peace in your heart, you can get to know the world as it truly should be.

Hence, daring to be who you actually want to be is of great significance. So that you don’t think: ‘I’m dependent on others; they will tell me what to do, they will tell me what to think.’ This is not peace. It’s very important to dare to be yourself and, in doing so, actually being an example. So many people are oppressed, facing fear—fear used by others to humiliate people, to repress them—but, as for yourself, you have a choice, and it is very important to dare to choose.

There are so many different places in this world and you can't imagine how things are in all these other places, but your life is important and it also gradually becomes a testimony of peace wherever you indeed dare to be peaceful. Now you might think, “but this isn’t so difficult for us,” but it’s important that it’s not difficult for you and also important that it is not difficult for others. And that is what one should fight for—that people have it easy in this world, that it is easy to have food, to get an education, to find one’s soul, one’s happiness. It’s important that this road be cleared—this pathway of spirituality where people feel within themselves what is important and where they can learn about the school of life, where one becomes aware of one’s capabilities, of one’s pristine capabilities, and of the purity of the heart.

Don’t worry if you’re having a hard time with yourself. Don’t blame yourself for the difficulties, but face them in a calm way, especially by daring to live and daring to do beautiful things and by speaking beautiful words. Be watchful of your words. If they are not beautiful, put them under lock and key. Express things that are clear, where you feel: ‘I’ve thought about this and I agree with it and so my heart will agree if I say this or say that or that.’

Don’t say too much; speak calmly but also clearly. And know: you are learning to love life. That little light within you that sets your heart afire, instilling a deep sense of gratitude, of thankfulness, this little light of peace is very important for you and those around you, and for the world.

Never be afraid to be light, to be peace. When you’re having a hard time with others, don’t reproach yourself, you will find solutions. When that will is there to go forward with goodness, you can do it. Because in that divinity of your will you can cope with anything. Never do too much."

Master Morya

  Beluister deze tekst

Geert Crevits
This message was given to a group of people in Oostmalle, Belgium on 28th January 2004. ©

If you wish to hear Geert's voice in the original Dutch message as it was recorded live, listen to this podcast.

© Geert Crevits,,

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