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August 2022

Dearest eNews readers,

Every month we're faced with the challenge of choosing one piece of text from the huge amount of Morya words—how is one to know which subject would best suit thousands of different people from various countries all over the world at any given time? Fortunately, now there is the "Online advice" and the "Life lessons": these are hundreds (!) of online texts and quotes that can give you personal guidance, completely fitting to the moment, and offer loving wisdom or provide clear insights to your questions. People have been telling us how happy this makes them and how much it helps. Others have yet to discover this incredible "Ask Master Morya" feature. Further down in this newsletter you will find some illustrated explanations about it.

Also, English subtitles have been added to three new videos this month, making that you can now watch the complete lecture recently given in Geel, Belgium. With eRegards from Marie

Meester Morya

Meditation for the full moon of 12th August 2022:

Master Morya,

"It may be that you are deeply moved by certain things, that you live with a deep sensibility but that this never comes into play. It's always being pushed aside by circumstances, by all the work that has to be done, by responsibilities. Once in a while, try to turn that around and simply look to see who you are, what you want. Not what others want of you instead of what you yourself want.

You may be very busy because of time limits, because of circumstances, because of things that need doing, because of what you have to achieve in order to get ahead financially, to be comfortable in life. And you think: "There's a great sigh of desire in my life that I'll never get around to and, because of all those circumstances and all those responsibilities, it finally seems like I can't know myself anymore."

It can be quite difficult in life, but if every now and then you make some time for yourself, not for others, but really for yourself, you may find—not immediately but over time—that certain matters become completely clear. You'll begin to realize: 'this should actually be possible in my life.' Then you shouldn't think: 'okay, now I have that insight, now I have that conviction and so I have to do something with it.' No, first of all try to live that out in the small things you are confronted with, such as: 'I've found that I'm spending too much time in this direction, on this matter, and not on that and that.

Be very careful with yourself in this change, this turnaround. Do it from the experience of a lifetime. Not from theory, not from a thought, not from a glimpse of something you caught somewhere, like, 'this might also be good'. All this can of course play a role, but start off from your life, from what you therefore experience: 'if I do this, it's better than if I do that'. As you gradually begin living from this expansiveness, from this understanding, you will begin to increasingly come to stand in your own life, which is the intention. ’


Dare to be yourself, also in small matters, such as: 'no one does this like me, and yet I love doing it this way.' Then do that. But don't expect others to shout 'hurrah' and go along with it. Just doing what you carry in your heart is important.


Realize the importance of your life and that you can do good things with it. Don't be distracted by the nonsense of the world, by the sorrow of the world, by the misery of the world. Stand in your power and do things that are important from within yourself. If you do that, there will be people here on this earth who will live with a great attention for one another and with a right attitude, people who are not sad in their lives, who don't succumb to an excess of tension, but know: 'from our personal lives we've learned to do good things.'

Know that you are being guided. When you are honest with yourself, you are guided and naturally come to the right things.

You may be facing difficulties and think: 'I don't see how to deal with this.' Then you shouldn't think: 'there's nothing that can be done.' Your life is important and on this path of honesty you will always be helped. Over time, it may be that certain matters gain more and more power in your life, so that you feel: 'I'm really making progress.' Don't think that you must necessarily have a difficult life."

  Morya Bezinning 10: Je bent je eigen leraar

Master Morya

Geert Crevits, excerpts from 'Morya Bezinning' book 10 (You are your own teacher), chapter 6: ‘Listening to your own inner self’ ©

© Geert Crevits,,

Mayil eNieuws

New subtitles

Lecture in Geel, part 4:
Do I follow my intuition, or rather not?

In this video: Intuition is a flash of insight, but afterwards you still have to give this insight form in your life, and that is not easy because intuition always brings something new. This is the struggle: do I follow my intuition, or do I choose the other path?

Lecture in Geel, part 6:
Life calls for a leap of faith

In this video: Answer to a question from the audience. Life asks us to believe in goodness. There are no secrets for God. For humans there are, because you first need the right values and wisdom before you can use the knowledge and power of God. Life keeps pushing us in the direction of enrichment and expansion. The mind wants to know everything in advance, but if you were to live in this way only from your mind, you would not be open to experiencing things.

Lecture in Geel, part 8:
True spirituality is joy

End of the lecture in Geel by Marie Crevits (11 June 2017) on the book "Morya Kracht 6: At home in your own life".

In this video: a call to really do something with what you read in the books of Master Morya.

Watch the complete lecture on

Mayil eNieuws

Ask Master Morya

On you find two different online “card sets”:

1) Online advice
For an answer to each of your questions

2) Life lessons
Insightful texts as daily inspiration or personal guidance for you at this moment – without having to ask a question first.

How does it work?

You choose one of the two sets and click the red button to begin.

Choose Online advice or Life lessons

First you are given a few preparatory directions.
Then you choose one of the 14 roses in the 'Online advice' and after that a part of that rose. Or, in the 'Live lessons', you choose one of the 9 gems and then also a part of that picture. In this way you are choosing between hundreds of 'cards' and arrive at your specific result.

Choose a picture


Read your answer or life lesson carefully. Even if the reply isn’t obvious, there is still a reason why you ended up with this text. If you’re not immediately satisfied it is certainly worth clicking on to the “Frequently asked questions” and reading these.

Save your text so you can return to it later!

Saving your answer

There are three ways to save the message you were given:

1) click on "Print/Save", download the page as pdf or print the page on paper if you would like to keep the text with you for a longer period of time.

2) Add the web page with your reply to your favourites

3) A third possibility is to simply select the webpage address (the so-called ‘URL’) and keep it somewhere (e.g. in an email or a special text file). Selecting the URL is the easiest option if you wish to share your text with others!

Try it out!

“Ask Master Morya”

Ask Master Morya

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