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September 2021

Dearest eNews readers,

It's not an easy time for the world right now, what with so much confusion and so many difficulties, not only globally but also for people personally, on all levels. I see this with myself and with those around me too. Administrative and other matters that used to go smoothly are now often difficult, little things suddenly require a remarkable amount of effort, lots of things are tough and trying and one's inner honesty and good intentions are repeatedly being tested. You probably feel it too: this present time isn't without its obligations, things are being brought sharply into focus and people are finding themselves confronted with their own responsibility.

Master Morya has an answer to that, which in some way or other he keeps repeating in every one of his books: the silence. The silence within you is a counterbalance to confusion, suffering and ignorance. It's that simple, but you need to take a few minutes time to give yourself the chance to break loose from the pull of the world.

If you find it difficult, here's a good tip: first open one of Master Morya's books and read one or two paragraphs; afterwards you'll find it becomes much easier to approach the wide perspective of your heart and let the silence grow within you. eRegards from Marie

Meditation for the full moon of 21st September 2021

Master Morya,

"The energy of silence is always important when you are busy with renewal. When you enter into the stream of renewal, when you begin to change and restore your faith in existence, make sure you can be in silence. Thereby you are laying a foundation for your actions. This means that, all at once, you will understand what you are really doing. This is the great significance of silence. When you are in silence something is always being realised, because silence comes from God and God brings things in order.

When you go into the silence - and by this I don't mean it needs to be quiet all around you, but within you - then there is a grounding. In the silence there is an energy that flows from the Divinity to you, from all directions, and flows through you into the ground to a receiving station. The deep force of this life then creates a connection. Let this be your deepest desire. Try to find this connection between what is above and below.

When you enter into the silence you should have a grounding, and make peace with the earth - thus accepting the earth's energies. And know: this earth is a planet made to live on and on which to experience changes. Because change is necessary everywhere you look here on earth, and it will always be necessary.

The earth is in a state of constructive advancement, an incredibly magnificent development. Thereby, joy will ultimately be omnipresent for each being on the planet. You can well imagine that this day is still far away, because, for the earth, each moment of the journey thereto is, in essence, a moment of suffering, of pain, of development and sometimes of terror.

You can be witness to this, but don't take part in it. This means that you should be grounded, you should be able to love the earth and accept it as a planet that bears within herself the seeds of a divine development. Dare to take part in this divine development yourself.

When you are in the silence of your being, you make a connection and are standing at the meeting point of two directions. This is the point of silence. Therefore, finding the silence within yourself means accepting both heaven and earth. Then you no longer need to delude yourself, nor to dig up old emotions. nor to look to the past or to the future; no, then you are at the meeting point, and that is the centre. Then you are at the centre of your life; you have, yourself, become a living centre.

At that moment order enters into your life. This implies the energies are working in such a way that they gradually sort out your life. There is no need for you to answer to anyone for this, also not to yourself. Just experience it and learn to accept it. The silence is a magnificent thing. When you live within this silence, you are dwelling in the golden center of your heart.

In accepting the forces of both earth and heaven, you unite them in your heart and have the surety you are doing the right things in life. The silence is the point to reach. In the silence you know you are traveling on a new path. When you reach the silence you know you can let go of the things from the past and trust in the future. This is the true silence and when you reach this silence you are aware of taking part in a development and renewal that will always keep becoming clearer."

Master Morya

Geert Crevits; translated fragment from chapter 10 of the book “Morya Wijsheid 8: In het centrum van je leven staan” (Living in the center of your life) ©

© Geert Crevits,


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