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May 2021

Dearest eNews readers,

Master Morya changed my life into a life of service and joy. This happened in the early eighties when together with Geert and my four children I went to live in a rather dilapidated house in De Pinte, a village near Ghent.
In our nomadic existence we frequently moved house, as we did again last month when we left the area of Bruges to return to De Pinte after 30 years. Our new home is within cycling distance of the grandchildren and just a few streets away from the original house where Marie was born and where the telepathy and contact with Master Morya all started.

Although, of course, without Geert it doesn't feel the same, nevertheless, this latest move feels like a fresh start in Master Morya’s mission, in the same place as in those days but this time together with people from all across the country and even the whole world, instead of just Geert and me in that little attic room with pen and notebook and the Master’s guidance.

There is light and insight in all the words of His books, giving us inspiration for living a life without fear, without beguilement, a life with very much love. eRegards from Lydia

Meditation for the full moon of 26th May 2021

Master Morya,

"There is a love in the hearts of those who do their best to deal with ordinary everyday life in a specific way. And, because the day goes by so quickly, you should really know what it is you want. You can do many things in a day but there are also many things you don’t do, and this is what you should sometimes turn your attention to: what you do and also what you don’t do. Because it may well be that you begin to have questions about your life: what you are doing with your life and where you would like your life to go. These are good questions because, to be sure, life is short. Whoever you may be and whatever you may be doing, life is short, so don’t waste any time.

This is not to say that you should be hurried and it doesn’t mean you should set about doing all kinds of things. It does mean that you should live more closely centred to your own self, and this is something very special.

Whenever you look for yourself, whenever you live from out of yourself, from out of your heart, it always gives a different impulse to your life. Because when you live from your heart, from your kindheartedness, it is so that you find your way in life. Wherever you are, whatever you do, whatever you are busy with or involved in, if you live from your heart you will find the way - for it means light is then being brought into the things you do. Don’t think it is selfish or egoistic to work on your own personal life – but what it will do is clarify your life. Your life will become more beautiful, calmer and more versatile.

And despite the fact you might have the idea that: ‘this is what I want in my life and this is what I want to work for’, you will nevertheless be encouraged to learn to get to know yourself in various different domains. And there is a lot to know in the Self, in your life.

Don’t throw your life overboard, but be aware of what you are doing with it. Life is precious, and precious for each and every person – also the lives of your children or that of your husband or wife, or of whomever, a life is precious. That is why you should be able to feel that caring concern, the caring concern in your heart to do things well and to almost naturally have the sense that: 'this is my life, it is my responsibility and I am doing this and that in such and such a way because I want to and not because it's the way I was taught to do it, but because this is how I choose to do it.

There are reasons you can find in your heart to be busy with things, and it’s incredibly beautiful that, when you do this, things come on your way that are new and effect renewal. Even in a short time you can achieve a lot in your life, but you should try to continue to maintain the right attitude, so that you have reason to say: this is what I want and this is the way I want it. But don’t look too much at others to see how they do it.

Look first of all at how you can centre yourself in your own life, look at what you are doing with your life, at what you are making of it. This will position you in life in such a way that you will become open to the reality of your own existence. You might be thinking: ‘I know the reality of my life’, and yet, as you begin to search your own heart, you will see a different reality or you will see that another kind of reality pervades your life, that it imbues your life with joy, with simplicity and with truth…with a sort of uplifting feeling, you could say an enlightenment.

It’s very important to dare to be happy on this earth, no matter in what condition you are, with whom you live and what you are doing. This is something you should really dare to do. It’s easy to say but difficult to start doing.

When you dare to be happy in life then you will have a support. This is something of which you should be well aware. You are not alone in life, there is a divine force at work in the hearts of people. When you know and accept this, your life will be transformed, it will undergo a transformation, it will fill with love, with kindness and you will acquire a deeply respectful attitude towards nature, towards your fellow persons, towards everything that exists, and in the right way.

Because, of course, you can make many mistakes, everyone makes mistakes, but you shouldn’t keep count of your mistakes. You should, however, try to understand what you could change. First of all you should dare to look at your mistakes. ‘What am I doing that I think is not right?’ And like this you can make a change. But you shouldn’t do this in a hurry and not with a terrible feeling of: ‘I can’t do anything right and I’ll never succeed’. Don't do that.

You should know what you want, certainly, because that is when a force comes to you. This also makes way for a kindheartedness, because when you know: ‘this is my life, this is what I am making of it’, your consciousness expands because then you are taking responsibility for your own existence and thereby also more responsibility for the lives of others. Each of us holds a responsibility, each of us is, in one way or another, responsible for nature, for our fellow human beings, the animals, and so on.

There is a lot to do on this earth, but it should all be done in a careful, loving and calm way. Please don’t stress yourself, also not though time may be pressing and you might think:’ ‘I’m sick or I’m old and I don’t have long to live anymore.’ Don’t stress yourself.

Try to develop that deep fundamental attitude in your life of being loving and open. Open to things to come, open to this day today. You don’t need to look far ahead: not to tomorrow, not to the next month or next year, but to today. ‘What can I do today, calmly and lovingly?’ And that kindheartedness is so important because thereby you can learn to know yourself as you really are.

If you allow and find love in your heart and dare to live with that love, then a joy will flow into your heart, from which will then ensue a loyalty, first of all a loyalty to yourself, because this is essential, and also, to a certain extent, a loyalty to your fellow persons. Because, of course, you should not do everything for everyone, that would be impossible, but you should be able to be open to the needs of others: ‘what can this person not do and what does he or she need?’ And then something should be able to be done for them. And in this solidarity, in this communal quest, you can be a real support for others.

But don’t share in the feeling of unhappiness that is in the world. There is so much going awry that you could have the idea: ‘why should I be happy and be allowed to be happy, and why are others so unhappy?’ You should not share in this unhappy feeling of others. You should, as it were, place your feelings in your own life and dare to be happy and dare to take on your own responsibilities.

There is so much to do on this earth, but you will have my support if you try to adopt the right loving attitude. You only have to try it. It’s true that you may have a difficult time of it, first of all with yourself but also with others. However, this shouldn’t annoy you, you should not lose the courage to start with things and say: “this and that is what I want.” It is this force you should dare to wield.

And, I repeat: you are not alone and actually you are never alone, even when you feel as if you are."

Master Morya

Geert Crevits, Message given during a public programme in Waalre (NL) on 30th January 1998 ©

© Geert Crevits,


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