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June 2021

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You can introduce the great life into your small life, says Master Morya. This happens when you are busy with great, eternal forces such as love, purity, simplicity, joy, patience and trust while, for instance, doing the dishes, preparing a meal or taking care of paperwork. By searching for these great forces within yourself, even in the most banal things you do, a kind of anchor develops in you, a calmness and peace that protects you from the confusion of the world and makes your life lighter and more colourful. eRegards from Marie

Meditation for the full moon of 24th June 2021

Master Morya,

"If you can't do something then you shouldn't force yourself to do it at whatever price to yourself. No, please have patience with yourself, and by having patience with yourself you will also have patience with others, for that's how it works. Realize that you are in a state of change and leave others in peace. Don't drag them into your renewal, allow them to be free just as you allow yourself freedom; and just as they are allowed to make mistakes, you too are allowed to make mistakes, and so you shouldn't get mad at yourself. Don't feel sorry for yourself either and start moaning: "I have to do this and I can't". No, it's better then to put things off and know: "Look, I can't do this and I also don't dare to do it".

You should maintain a certain discipline, a certain progression in your life, but not so that you get angry with yourself if you don't succeed. Try to find the middle way. It is the path of love you should be able to walk down, in relation to everything and everyone. Love is patient and forces nothing, but attempts to do things in the right way and always tries to achieve more.

It isn't a standstill. It's also not a regression. You should be able to realize that whatever life brings, there is always a possibility to move forward, it is always possible to gain a deeper sense of life and always take more into account.

It is your consciousness that must expand. You must make room in your heart for everyone, also for those who don't go along with this renewal. Let them go and love them as they are. If you manage to do this you will be a richer person, you will know a greater openness and be able to get along with everyone, also with people who do completely different things. Look at them, love them. You don't have to say it, but you should feel the love in your heart.

When you do this, you will be able to bear the greatest pain, because then you will see people going along in every direction and will see they are confronted with certain problems to which you have the solution, but which they neither want nor dare to accept. Then you just have to know that that's how it is. Don't do anything for them. This can be truly painful and really difficult, but you must be able to do it. You must be able to say to yourself: "No, I won't do anything for them", and wait, wait, wait….until they come to you asking: "I want to learn this from you, how do you do it?"

At this stage you will be filled with joy and, at first, you will show your happiness, but this is something you shouldn't do. You must hold the happiness within you like a great treasure, for this is what you receive from people, but you needn't tell them. Yet this is really so. If, in other words, you live correctly, then you will know joy, but it will be others who will teach you what it is and who will bring you this joy; because they will show you who they are in an honest way and you will know that you are doing the right thing.

There is so much possible in life, so many things changing, so much openness can be achieved, and so much joy, but it is a long and patient path and you can find it by searching for the truth in life, in all possible ways.

You must never think you have nothing more to learn, and you should also not feel you are more or better than other people. No, you must be able to stay calm regardless of the changes and should see that life is a stream flowing with fantastic possibilities that can always offer you more than you think.

Your thoughts concerning life are too restricted. You should be open to life. Your thoughts use words to try to describe life and they can be different every time. Don't restrict yourself to the vocabulary you have, but look for new words in order to verbalise new sensations and new experiences to tell to others. If you do this you will become increasingly more open and begin to look at others accurately. Finally you will have grasped hold of life in all its dazzling glory. You should be able to see that life is something splendid.

You mustn't look only at the gloominess hanging over the lives of many people. Many people live in confusion and aren’t able to see this for themselves because they mix up all the levels and actually don't know what they're doing. The finest of things may be scorned and the meanest of things put on a pedestal, but you should be the one who stays in balance.

Don't be drawn into grand illusions. Look at everything sensibly and don't be brought down by things that go wrong on this earth. Know that you will be borne through adversities. Through the contact with the Divine, through the contact with your own soul, you will find a way out of the greatest difficulties. Know you are being supported, know there is a love that knows you and will bring you from one thing to another.

This is also true for your fellow persons. Just like you, they too must open themselves to the true love. But don't force anything. If it isn't possible today, then maybe tomorrow. Don't force yourself. Just go your own way. (…)

Don't despair if everything goes wrong in your life. No, don't worry about it. Look at it only in the sense of letting it go. Don't look to hold it. Look and let go. You have to see the ugliness but you need to let it go and believe in beauty and hold on to that. That is the difference.

You must hold on to the beautiful things and keep them in your heart, consider them, dare to live with them and share them with others. Try to find the power of your own life in them, so that you are constantly doing things that take you toward the highest goal you can attain. If you hear of something that is still higher and better, more loving and more humble, more patient and more peaceful, and you take it into your heart, then you are on the right road.

Don't let yourself be taken for a ride, because there are also false values that pretend to express the greatness of life. You should be able to discern for yourself between what is real and not real and between what is true and untrue. You should be able to be guided by the truth and be able to discover it, for the truth is many-sided, it is great and it is infinite. You will keep discovering new truths, but the truth will remain the truth.

If you discover something is not true, drop it and know you are being guided, because your own soul will recognise it and it is your soul that's important. It is the Divine within yourself that must awaken, and it is the judge. Your soul will show you the truth within yourself. Always follow your own intuition and approach the depth of your being in all simplicity. Everything will then arrange itself around this core of divinity."

Master Morya

Geert Crevits; two fragments translated from chapter 16 of Morya Wisdom book 5 (“The word in the silence”) ©

© Geert Crevits,


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