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July 2021

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Many people find it difficult to care for the world without despairing or becoming overwhelmed by fears, worries and doubts. In his books, Master Morya keeps repeating how each human being has within them access to a protection, an inner guidance, a peace and an incredible force that can transform our lives. So much so that we can even emanate this force and every now and then be a support and refuge for others who are going through a difficult time. eRegards from Lydia

Meditation for the full moon of 24th July 2021

Master Morya,

"Whatever you are doing, whatever is happening in your life, try to relax and calm yourself in a very simple way. Instead of complicating your life, simplify your life and make it transparent. When you are honest with yourself you will gain insight into yourself and the things you do, and this is important because it teaches you where you really want to go with your life.

Life is short; this is something you should realize, otherwise you will continue living in illusions so that you could think: ‘oh well, I have plenty of time for this and that….’ and then this belief partly determines your desire and leads you to conclude that there is so much you want to do and consequently so many things you want to be busy with. Then, when you don’t succeed, or only halfway succeed, or when your life passes by without your having managed to realize any of your desires, you become disappointed in yourself, in people and in the world. And that isn’t necessary.

Try to deal calmly with your desires and to look at what is feasible; doing this is very meaningful. Don’t think you should get all worked up about things, but simply look at what you can do in a very practical way.

There are things that just have to be done in this world and someone needs to do them. To begin with, think of what is important to you personally; because you should become someone, or be someone, or should try to give expression to the greater values of your life. Your life has a meaning. It’s not for nothing that you are here on this Earth, but you have to accept this meaning of your life and not reject it.

(…) There will always be possibilities to go forward, also if you think: 'these are difficult times and things are going badly and perhaps we may not be able to do this or that, or what will we all have to do!' You can have a good life, no matter what kind of times may come, and you should know this for yourself. Because you can always go on doing your best, you can always keep moving forward and certainly keep taking your own possibilities into account. In this way you can continue developing and evolving.

Moreover, there a real support in your life, so that you shouldn’t feel you are all alone, that you can’t meet any people or that people can’t understand you or that you cannot know God. You should realise that God is love and that He knows you and knows your heart and is helping your heart do the right things.

When you try to be a good person you will definitely meet good people, and this has a great significance. Good people should be able to find and support one another and, from that strength, they can then also stand up against the violence and nonsense of this world. Know that there is a love within the hearts of thousands of people; it is good for you to be aware of this."

Master Morya

Geert Crevits; two fragments translated from chapter 5 of “Morya Bezinning 7: Ga naar de wereld met liefde” (Go to the world with love) ©

© Geert Crevits,


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