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January 2021

Dearest eNews readers,

During a video chat this month, a friend and I were discussing life and faith when she candidly asked me what my thoughts were on love and how we can know that there is love in our lives. Her question surprised me and for a moment I didn't know what to say. In my eyes this friend is a spiritual person who has faith in Master Morya and there are moments when, as far as I know, she is obviously helped and inwardly guided.

I then replied that love is always there in our lives, even when we can't see it. If you assume it is there and then begin to look at everything that happens around you and within you with that assumption, you can learn to see that love. And afterwards you can also discover that this love has always been there in the depth of your life. You will then look at your past in a new way, from a totally different perspective. When you search for love you will learn to see it, in the same way as you see birds in the forest. If you were to walk through the forest while only thinking about your problems, you would also walk by without noticing them.

To me it sounded obvious, and quotes from the Morya oracle cards flashed through my mind. But apparently she hadn't thought of it like that and she nearly fell off her chair. The idea that love is always there but that you need to want to find it to able to see it was totally new to her. “That’s fantastic, you should write a newsletter about that!” she said.

So here it is. Below are five powerful fragments from Master Morya's books chosen for you, dear reader, for those moments when you sometimes feel you are all on your own and that Love and the Divine are far removed from your life and the world.

eRegards from Marie

Meditations for the full moon of 28th January 2021

Master Morya,

  Morya Bezinning 5: Liefde is niet blind

I_ “Love intends to express itself when you have the intention to express love. You should realize that you can breathe a different air, one that reaches out to greater values and brings a response from the greater breath of life itself.

Realize you are being borne by life. One of the things you should never forget is that love is always present. Not just in general, not just in the greatness, but very concretely in your life, in your heart, because it makes up the foundation of your existence. It’s not because you don’t see love that it doesn’t exist.

It’s not because you are not thinking about it that it isn’t there. There is a definition in your life, there are things that are as they are and not otherwise due to love.”

Master Morya

From Morya Bezinning 5 (telepathy from 1998), ch. 8 ©, Geert Crevits

* * *

  Morya Bezinning 10: Je bent je eigen leraar

II_ “Don’t go looking for love that is given to you, because love is there in your own being. Live from that love and pass it on to others. Live with a good intention, a good goal. If you live with a feeling of honesty towards yourself, you will find a great originality and the blueprint of your existence, of the existence. Because ultimately you will experience this unity with yourself and, through yourself, unity with others and with the great forces of the universe.

Know that you are people of the cosmos, that the Divine lives within you. You are an incarnation of the Divine and there is a great clarity in your being. It does you no good to let yourself be continuously immersed in this world. Learn to develop your own strength in order to experience things in a very beautiful and subtle way.

You are a good person and you can cope with anything. You never stand alone. You can achieve whatever you want and you can have high goals. Inwardly, you will increasingly feel an aspiration of: ‘I know what exists, I know what the truth of life is and I know I can reach that truth.’ You shouldn’t be afraid; you will find your way. You never stand alone. When you take just one step in this direction, you will receive the Divine’s blessing and receive My blessing.”

Master Morya

From Morya Bezinning 10 (telepathy from 2004), ch. 3 ©, Geert Crevits

* * *

  Morya Kracht 1: Kiezen om jezelf te zijn

III_ “You should know, God is invisible but with the eyes of the heart God becomes visible and this is the miracle. The real miracle is when love is at work and shows itself as love. When you believe in this love and know it is truly love is when love becomes visible. This is the great miracle.

The miracles that happen always happen on the level of love and that is why you cannot understand God without love. Without love you cannot approach the light of God, you cannot be touched by it because God is light. He shows the reality of life.

The world is, in itself, full of illusion, of delusion, of contradictions, of developments that you, as a person, are unable to follow, but this need not discourage you. It is one great challenge and there will always be crossroads where you can meet other worlds, other thoughts, other realities that - though unlike your realities - are part of your reality. This is something you should understand well. There are very many gateways in your heart, very many possibilities to discover things and bring them to light.”

Master Morya

From Morya Kracht 1 (telepathy from 1998), ch. 8 ©, Geert Crevits

* * *

  Morya Wijsheid 6: Ontmoeting met Engelen

IV_ “There is always something in the human being that urges him on and takes him further, but there is also always something that keeps him from taking certain steps. It’s important for you to know, in regard to the important steps you take in your life, that you are always protected. When you live correctly, giving the necessary attention to your own life, then you will also be guided correctly and you will do the right things.

Don’t be afraid you will make the wrong decisions at important moments in your life. Many people are sometimes so worried about this that they will say: “I could take this decision or do that, or maybe that, or still that”, and then, having made a list of all possibilities, they take a decision and afterwards are afraid they made the wrong one. No, you shouldn’t be afraid of making the wrong decisions in your life. Even though you may sometimes think it will all end badly, still you must realise you were guided to take an important step, the meaning of which you will only be able to realise at some later time.

As a human being you have a free will and can decide many things for yourself, but on the other hand in very many circumstances in your life there is a protection to guide you to take the right decision, and you can be thankful for this.

You cannot always see this for yourself, because often you are not even able of judging your own life, and you shouldn’t be always doing this either. Just know that you are learning and that your trust in life can keep growing; this is very important.

You should be able to live with trust; a fundamental trust that the order of the cosmos, the order of the universe and the order attendant on this earth, are all borne by love; and you should be able to see this in your own life. This is not some theory spun out of thin air, but indeed a practical fact in your own existence, so that you might develop this trust and confidence in your own life.”

Master Morya

From Morya Wisdom 6 (telepathy from 1995), ch. 7 ©, Geert Crevits

* * *

  Morya Wisdom 2: Simplicity

V_ “In whatever situation in life you may be, you are always able to open yourself to new dimensions. This is the attitude one should have in life and this will be very important for the coming times. I’m not implying catastrophes will destroy the world, as has sometimes been predicted, but it does mean here and there great changes will occur giving people chances to learn a great deal more and to open themselves – not exactly at the moment itself but afterwards, because at the moment itself they won’t be able to realise it.

If, however, a person is able of realising this – because he’s so conscious he nearly knows beforehand how things will be – then he will be able to go along and be happy with the changes.

Very many people are standing on the doorstep of consciousness, are on the verge of becoming much more conscious. They dare to live with the future instead of the past and this is a completely other perspective. They then know the goal of their lives, where they want to go, what they in fact want to achieve in this life, and they work hard at it.

Freedom calls for hard work. Beauty is something one must struggle for every day. Generosity is very important. Love lasts forever and one must do his very best to attain it, otherwise it simply won’t be there. These are all things a person must consciously work on; otherwise they just won’t be there.

You can meet many people who have no knowledge of these values and almost live their lives going from one disillusionment to the other, from one catastrophe to the other. It is sorrowful to look at humanity and witness the destruction of so many of its precious aspects, and seeing things happening that shouldn’t be happening. These people are then victims.

However, there are also other people in the same situation who flourish, who are so helpful, who become so open for others it’s unbelievably beautiful; it makes you exclaim, “Where do they get it from, where do they get this energy and how did they attain this deep understanding of existence?” All this is possible on this Earth.

There is a whole treasure of possibilities of which you can become aware. You are faced with them at each moment of your life and through them you will be tested at times of disasters on this Earth. I’m not saying you will experience these things, I’m also not saying what they will be like and where. I am saying that people should learn to see things in a very different way and learn to open themselves for what is very great, to such an extent it enables them to see the reality and not only what is transitory.

Everything on this Earth gives the impression of being transitory, and yet there is always a fundamental and enduring activity taking place and this is what you should try to find and to experience. Once you experience this, you will be a happy person and will understand, through the great spectacle of life, what it is all about.”

Master Morya

From Morya Wisdom 2 (telepathy from 1995), ch. 9 ©, Geert Crevits

© Geert Crevits,


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