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February 2021

Dearest eNews readers,

Master Morya is someone who can be present anywhere, if you want him to. If you're having a hard time you can always ask for his help, speak his name or look for his support in your heart and He will be there for you. When you have faith He is with you, you'll feel stronger, be able to cope with more and do the right things because you will be calm.

For the readers of our international Mayil eNews, this month I chose a text about how you can make a new life for yourself by daring to be yourself when you are with others and how you can start to work on this. It's something you may have to practice for many times, but I promise that it will be worth your every effort. eRegards from Marie

Meditation for the full moon of 27th February 2021

Master Morya,

"Look at the persons around you, without judging them. Don’t say, “They are like this or like that,” for then you are already doing more than looking. Simply watching is enough. Observe what they are doing, what they care about, how they work, what they say and also what they fail to say; there are all sorts of different things to observe.

When you are together with people you must really dare to observe them without judgment, without trying to figure them out. Just observe them, somewhat in an absent-minded way, casually, almost in a distracted manner, enjoying yourself and – I repeat it here again because this is very important – not judging them. Refraining from judgment will give you a clearer impression of people.

When you interact with others in an easy-going way, free of the pressure of having to do or say certain things or demand anything from yourself, when you are relaxed in the company of others, then you can allow yourself to just be yourself and this is really important.

By being yourself when you are together with someone – be it your husband, your child or another member of your family, a parent, with whomever it may be – it might be that you are given a new life.

This is quite an important statement that has a profound meaning. A ‘new life’ doesn’t mean you have to turn everything upside-down or run away and start everything anew. No, every day you can have a new life by dealing with things in a new way, and most certainly by relating with people in a new way. Dealing with people isn’t always easy, which is why you should be able to be yourself.

If you can be yourself under all kinds of circumstances, you will find it much easier to get along with people. This is because many causes of why you may find it difficult to deal with people simply lie within yourself. It might be that you don’t know yourself well enough because you go about with things too superficially, not deeply enough, and therefore cannot deal with things reasonably.

You need to deal reasonably with everything, to try to maintain harmony even, for example, when dealing with people who may be very annoying or are very tired, who no longer know which way to turn, who are coping with problems, who are ill or overstressed from their work. These are all examples of situations people may be experiencing and you should be able to distance yourself from their problems and just be yourself. This is extremely important."

  Morya Wisdom 4: Trust in yourself

Master Morya

Geert Crevits - From "Morya Wisdom 4: Trust in yourself", chapter 1: Transcending your doubts ©

© Geert Crevits,


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