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December 2021

Dearest eNews readers,

What I love so much about Master Morya's texts is that they are always so warmly humane and so broad in scope. When you read them you feel instantly less inclined to label people or jump to judgement. Instead of black and white or gloomy, the world fills with colour, and instead of feeling desperate, you become patient, calm, strong and optimistic.

The best things one can do arise from an inner peace and not from a negative, critical or indignant unrest. Goodness is born from love and love is expansive and.....loving.

In my own life, I’ve personally found a lot of support in the power of gratitude. Whenever I have a difficult time accepting how life is, I try to change my perspective and start looking at what there is to be grateful for…..and there’s a lot! And the more I look, the more things I find, until eventually I can even feel grateful for those things I wasn’t happy about before. At the moment when I get to that place, I connect to an enormous depth, a serene peace and a feeling that everything is right. With eRegards from Marie

The meditation for the full moon of 19th December 2021 is an excerpt from a general message of June 1994:

Master Morya,

"Try to look at whatever comes to you in life. Take everything on board, consider it and keep only the good, that is the right attitude. It is really important to determine what suits you. Don’t be fooled. No, investigate everything and tell yourself: “I’ll learn; I’ll try it and see what comes of it.”

Try to live with an open mind and open eyes, with open ears – let’s just say with open senses. If you can do this then you’ll be able to do much more in life and also progress much faster. Because this is the time to awaken, which means that you should be able to absorb and integrate many things in your life and try to live with many new things.

It’s important to try to do this, otherwise you’ll fall into a slumber and then you will think that things will happen as they should, but this is not so. Things don’t happen as they should, usually things happen because you decide them for yourself. People don’t realize this. If you don’t dare to live then you have taken the decision to go slowly, to be boringly busy in your life.

It’s a whole other thing when you can say to yourself: “Be happy, have confidence and keep on going”, as a way of encouraging yourself. Sometimes this is really important for there are times when you don’t know how to go on, when you feel: “It turned out completely differently than what I had thought.”

Thinking can confuse a person and prevents him or her from seeing many things. It sets the person in a kind of darkness, what for them is then light. But if they were to look well they would see the difference. Real light is radiant, it is happy, it is something that educates and takes a person further along. This is the real light. When your thoughts are gloomy and you can’t do anything with them, then this is certainly not the light. It is a thought, but one that holds not a bit of light.

Light takes people further; light engenders trust; light creates joy. God is light; God is love. A person’s most profound experience is happiness, it is freedom and is something that consoles and give peace.

A person can think about all kinds of things but is especially prone to thinking somber thoughts because of the experiences he or she has had with past thoughts that became reality. Often people create their own reality through their thoughts. In other words a person lives in their own illusion.

If only people could let go of most of their thoughts. If only you would dare to live, dare to be happy, which is certainly possible because there are always moments during the day when you can be happy with something small, and often that one moment is more important than all the thoughts you may have had that day.

When you feel sad and gloomy try to let go of those feelings and know that this experience you are having is not real. Being gloomy is of no value, there is no purpose in convincing yourself: “I won’t make it.” No, life is something that blooms and thrives; life points to paradise. Because ultimately you will enter into a paradise but this paradise has to be in your life, not outside of you, it has to live in you.

When you live in the light you will feel your heart getting lighter, feel your thinking getting lighter, your steps getting lighter and feel yourself becoming more joyful. That is the real life, but it takes daring.

Most people don’t even dare to approach it, they think it’s an illusion, they think they are somehow wrong, that their happiness cannot be real. And yet, when you are happy you should realize: ‘it’s good to be happy and I shouldn’t have any doubts about it; I shouldn’t worry about it, but I also shouldn’t live in such a way that I don’t dare to look at the other side. I should dare to look at everything in life, also at the ugly, the bad, the darkness. It is all real if I can see it, so long as I don’t fool myself, because it all exists. It is all there because God (wants/wills) it to be. Because everything is in God, the ugly as well as the beautiful, and everything has it own deep meaning. This is something I will understand once I allow joy into my life and when I can see that joy in life. Then I will be able to understand the purpose of evil and of those things that have to happen, those things that actually make me into the person who I’m able to be. Evil will test me, the false will knock me down, but if I know I can trust in God then I will pick myself up and keep on going and the false will no longer touch me.’

Through the confidence you have in yourself, you will see that it is right and you will go forward. So many things will become possible because of what you think God is. Because at first you will think: ‘God probably exists’ and then you’ll think: ‘He does exist’, and then you’ll have the experience that he does indeed exist. After that you know for sure that he exists and that finally it is only God that exists. But this is a long road and the way of reality. It is a real road and one you should dare to travel. Who can understand this?"

Master Morya

Geert Crevits – excerpt from the general message by Master Morya given on 1st of June 1994 in Ghent, Belgium – published as part of the book “Morya Bezinning 2” (A new life) since 1997 ©

© Geert Crevits,


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