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August 2021

Dearest eNews readers,

We try so hard sometimes to be spiritual, to be good, to take good care of those close to us, to work well at our jobs - and besides that to also nurture and develop our own goals. And in addition to these things that weigh on us, we also worry for the world. But like this life can be heavy and tough.

Now and then throw all that aside, look at a glass of water and drink it, pick a flower and admire it, go for a walk and keep walking until you forget to think and notice you can feel your feet walking. These are all moments when you can reconnect with your source and recharge your batteries. Afterwards, filled with fresh courage and new insights, you'll be able to take up something in your life that is intuitively clear. Make some space in your life for silence, for being, for the simplicity of your heart and then you will always feel your heart in everything you do and like this you'll never again be alone. eRegards from Marie

Meditation for the full moon of 22nd August 2021

Master Morya,

"Sometimes a person will upset themselves, they go off in different directions, have various goals, feel they have to be the very best and compete, have to do this and do that…..and oblige themselves to hurry to do all sorts of things. It may be that in this way you won’t be able to cope with your life. Or you might think you are wrong or that you have so much to do and need to climb that big mountain you see before you. And then you get all stressed out, stressed about having to reach to the top and doing everything supposedly expected of you.

But if you see life as it is, then you can be happy with a little thing you have – a glass of water, a flower, a breath of air, a walk. These are all simple things but they signify you can then be more accepting in life and thereby develop a greater force.

Because you’ll see: each recovery comes from an acceptance of what is there – the body, the feelings, the thoughts – and not fighting against them but rather helping to bring them to a state of calmness.

A person should be able to believe in him- or herself. They should be able to believe that there is more than what they can see with their eyes. There are also the eyes of the heart, there are sensibilities in the heart that can perceive and assimilate things that can take them further than what can be seen at first sight. Live with your soul, with the urge of being able to happy and seeing the happiness, also in your own life.

You shouldn’t just be busy with your thoughts or with organizing things. No, sometimes things can happen as a matter of course, without toil and trouble. You should be able to stand in life without wondering: ‘where will it take me?’ At times you should be able to let yourself be guided, by your heart, by the beautiful answers that arise in your own being. Because when you relax you suddenly find the way, the way of being, the way of looking at things, and you accept the fact there is indeed a greater life taking care of you.

If you can see this you can easily cover a great distance and you will also truly meet the other. You will not be alone and you’ll know: ‘it’s good to be together in a simple manner, to journey a ways in a simply manner.’ Don’t make it unnecessarily complicated."

Master Morya

Geert Crevits; translated fragment from chapter 6 of the book “Morya Bezinning 4: Zoeken en vinden” (Searching and finding) ©

© Geert Crevits,


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