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March 2020


Dearest eNews readers,

At times, and wholly unexpectedly, a great joy and a deep gratitude well up in me because of the fact that I know Master Morya and that his wonderful books are here in my life. His words are always so full of hope, so optimistic, so full of nuance and, most importantly, so well able of placing all the unrest in the world in a broader, calmer perspective.

His words originate from a deep, pure love, whereby they always look at the daily matters of life in an original, fresh way, because in every little thing true love can see a possibility of a growth towards beauty and liberation, so that your life becomes beautiful and you feel free to be happy, to be yourself, to do beautiful and important things.

“It is very important to stay calm at this time”, it says in this month’s full moon text. Because with that calm you can discover the difference between what is important and what only seems important. Only when you learn to make this distinction will you be able to discover the true joy in your life. eRegards from Marie

Meditation for the full moon of 9th March 2020

Master Morya,

"There is love in the hearts of those who strive to clarify things in all domains. (...) There are loving people on this earth who do amazing work. And amongst you too, dear readers, there are people who work in this way, calmly going forward, bravely going forward to solve your personal problems and, moreover, also giving their attention to communal problems.

Little by little, society is changing. Gradually, here and there, you will notice people with some really important qualities coming to the forefront. You will also see certain opposing forces attempting to seize power, forces that want to effectively impose things and which will be frightening. But these are but minor struggles on this earth. Despite the great urging that there is to be loving, there are people who look at things completely differently and have totally different ideas. This will lead to a somewhat explosive situation, the one thing against the other, but eventually the good will prevail and you should not feel anxious. 

Good and bad, it is always a mixture. It is very important to stay calm at this time. If you can be calm and find that peace of the heart, then you will be able to go forward in the right manner and have a connection to people who are busy in the same way. In that sense borders will fade. You will see that people from across borders will find one another and important trends will arise that will perhaps be a light for the world. I say 'perhaps' because it may be very confusing, at least in the beginning. Eventually not, but at the start it might be confusing.

This is because people can mingle together; good and bad, it's always a mixture. Even within the sphere that you could call the light, there are people who are not busy with the right understanding and do not know what they are doing; or they do know, but in another direction.

The first coming years could feel chaotic but eventually things will turn out well and will be well managed from out of the Divine World. The Divine Plan is being realized. Masters have been busy preparing that for years and now is the time in which certain important steps are being taken on this earth. 

Be happy with your life and know that joy and happiness are wonderful weapons to combat the evil forces. Don't let yourself be disappointed by situations, by people, by things. Be happy with your life on this earth, know that your life is important and be aware that the time in which we are living is a very important one. You will be a support for others and you will also sometimes be supported by others. It doesn't matter, but in any case you will go forward. You will have a connection with good people and it will gradually dawn on you that Morya Bezinning 1: De Aarde als Wezenyou too can truly mean something and can do something. 

Master Morya

© Geert Crevits,

Fragments from chapter 10 of “Morya Bezinning 1: De Aarde als Wezen” (“The Earth as Being”)


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