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June 2020


Dearest eNews readers,

The sky defines my agenda....each new moon triggers an inner alarm bell in me and then I think of all of you and start to assemble the newsletter for the following full moon. This time I went searching for a text by Master Morya about a 'new life' because I believe that this is relevant for a large part of humanity at this time. But - this new life is something that comes from within; something that comes about by choosing to bring forth something beautiful from within yourself, something good, something positive for yourself and for the world and for the people you come in contact with. ... What is it that you have to offer? eRegards from Marie

Meditation for the full moon of 5th June 2020

Master Morya,

"When you have confidence in yourself you can handle anything. But how do you find and remain centred in that confidence? This means you can question yourself but that you shouldn’t take the question so much to heart that you could perhaps think: ‘now I need to do everything I can possibly do’.  When you ask a question you should be able to live with that question because then it will clarify itself. In other words: it isn’t because there are difficulties and questions that you cannot have a beautiful life. But you must not feel frightened because of that question or think you have an obligation to immediately provide a solution to it. It may be, however, that you see possibilities in your life and think ‘now I should take a step.’ Okay… but it should be able to be a step taken from out of yourself, from within you, and not because someone forces you to do it or someone puts a lot of pressure on you or says: you must do this. This is not a reason to do something.  

When faced with circumstances, try to be yourself and to be calm. Then you will notice those things that come to you which are important. Because – and this you should know – you are being cared for.  When you call out to the Divine, then God will act on your behalf; then He will bring the right things into your life. Hence, you can live with questions because God knows your questions and He will answer them, but you must leave it up to Him. In other words, you have to take time into account.   

Therefore, try to be calm but loving at the same time. Never say: “I’ll do it tomorrow.” No, do it today; do it now.  Make an effort to be calm and loving and know that, each time, your expectations will be better met. In other words, life will blossom into bloom like a flower. New things will keep presenting themselves; grace will fill your heart like the glow of the sun, and you will know: a step has been taken towards enlightenment, towards clarifications that come exclusively from within, and then you will be centred in your confidence. For you will see that this step has a connection to the deep sighs of your soul. And because God knows you and is present in your heart, He can bring to the fore those things that are important in your life.

So, you should never despair, not even if you are supposedly confronted with one setback after the other, you should not feel despondent. You should stay centred in your confidence because you know: I have that contact; I have that connection. And this is something you will need to make time for. In the morning when you get up and in the evening before you go to sleep, take a moment to think of your Divine Master, to think of God, to think of the beautiful moments of this past day. It doesn’t need be more than that, for then you will be in that energy, in that force, in that right force that orientates you and inspires you.

You will undoubtedly have questions about life and it is not wrong to ask questions. In asking those questions, be honest but don’t immediately deal with them. Place them in God’s hands, lay them at His feet to show God you have come to Him.

Try to give yourself to the Divine and then God will work in your life. These are profound truths that can only be experienced and comprehended therefrom. At the time it is being said, you might think: ‘yes, I understand,’ but when it comes down to it, it could be you will have a hard time with yourself, such as: ‘how come I can’t manage to understand it after all?’  And yet deep within your heart is a knowingness, but it only comes to the fore when you have reached those sublime realities, by being loving and patient; by, as it were, attaining a balance in your life; by living in this harmony that comes from God.

It is good to ask questions and good to live with questions, but be honest with yourself. Know that grace will fill your life and that, from there, a new life will come, a total change in your existence, to such an extent that everything will become beautiful and good and that the light will begin to play a role in your life. And once the light plays a role in your life, everything becomes possible. Never forget that."

Master Morya

© Geert Crevits,

This 'General message' was given by Master Morya on the occasion of the public programme by Geert Crevits in Bruges, Belgium on 26th September 2000.

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