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July 2020


Dearest eNews readers,

Even when life is difficult our hearts are ever ready to guide us, but we must dare to listen to what our hearts are telling us and dare to believe in our ability to do so.

The most important key Master Morya describes to gain access to your heart’s voice and guidance is to now and then take a moment to be in silence and then, as you can read in the text below, to allow these moments of silence to develop into a background of silence within yourself, and in turn this background will protect you from pain, fear, despair and loneliness. It isn't difficult, but every so often you should really take some time to go to the love in your heart and just quietly stay there. With eRegards from Marie and Lydia

Meditation for the full moon of 5th July 2020

Master Morya,

"People who want to get ahead should dare to go slowly and should especially include silence in their lives.  The one who can’t go slowly and in silence can’t know what joy is.  The blissfulness in the hearts of people speaks of deepness and slowness.  Yet the greatest speed is to be found in God, although His speed is the slowest.  He has the greatest patience yet doesn’t waste a second. 

Without patience you can’t achieve anything; you can achieve absolutely nothing. You must let the silence settle deep within and carry it with you in all circumstances.  Take it with you wherever you go, just like you might take a little lap dog, quietly by your side, in your presence.  Something needing to be fed once in a while and  to which every now and then you should throw something; but you must keep watch over it, making sure it stays with you, making sure the silence is always there.

If something, somewhere, should be faithful, then it must be this silence that accompanies you, giving you patience, an infinite patience with yourself and with your fellow men and women, with everything in the process of growth.  Because everything growing is being built by God’s speed of light - but slowly enough so that it can become a reality."   

Morya Wisdom 2Master Morya

© Geert Crevits,

Fragment from Morya Wisdom 2: Simplicity, chapter 14

Mayil eNieuws

New videos

English and Polish subtitles have been added to several new videos of Marie’s lecture about "Feeling at home in your own life".

M2(M2) Where lies my happiness?

In this video: we sometimes let our own happiness be too easily disturbed by other people or things. We don't have to wait until they are loving; it’s better to take the first step ourselves. On days when we can maintain our inner peace, we are less affected by the world around us. You can set yourself free when you let go of expectations. There is a power in your heart that can handle anything.

M3(M3) How do I handle my problems? (EXERCISE focused thinking)

In this video: A short but very effective exercise to do during those 'lost moments' in your life. To try to see what is really there and to take one thing in your life and involve love with that. Don’t look at all your problems as one, because then you won’t know where to start; keep the problems separate and look at them one at a time. About learning to choose to do things differently; about concrete love and going beyond action-reaction patterns.

M4(M4) A wonderful future

In this video: Master Morya asks us not to be self-critical and not to compare the 'now' with 'a day in the distant future'. Each of us has a tremendous strength within; with our free choice we can also choose to slow ourselves down and push ourselves down, but if you do this too often, you will forget the meaning of your life. The Divine has a wonderful place for each of us in Its loving Plan. When you give importance to your life, your life becomes important. Honesty can break through your limitations. If you do the exercise from the previous video (M3), you will gradually learn that you are strong and you’ll realize: 'I can handle my life'

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