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December 2020

Dearest eNews readers,

  25 years Mayil - 35 years Morya

Our publishing house was founded 25 years ago this month and the contact with Master Morya just celebrated a 35-year jubilee at the end of November. Such a beautiful road we have traveled but, at the same time, we know that so much more still lies ahead, waiting to be accomplished. Thankfully, we have the confidence that Master Morya stands by us and is there to help us with each step we take and that the Divine has a great deal of patience and will, at the right moment, let those things happen that are allowed to happen.

Master Morya is a Master who always carries out his work for the earth and humanity with gentleness and discretion but, even so, you can perceive and experience His active presence in your life. Our New Year's wish for each one of you is that you may travel your own path and always be confident that you are never on your own and that - as you can read in the full moon text below - life is good!

With all our best wishes for 2021,
Lydia, Marie and Laura

Meditation for the full moon of 30th December 2020

Master Morya,

“It's a fact that you should learn to have confidence in life. Not everything, not all things in every direction will be pleasant - that is impossible - but this doesn’t infer you should lose confidence. Because sometimes your confidence will be tested through circumstances or through people around you - your father, mother, children... it could be anyone or anything. But with each test there will be things you can understand and it isn’t that you should lose confidence because your life is moving forward and each moment is important.

Whether things are going well or not, you must realize that you are learning from those things, and the major and especially important lesson to learn is to always remain equally calm and composed. If things are going well, then so much the better, because all of life should be able to go well. But if things are not going well, then accept it, learn from it and remember: not everything is possible at just any time. Because there are energies at play therein and there are people that play a role therein. And there are circumstances… but inwardly you stand above them, and this is what you should learn. Even the stars cannot in any way disarrange your life when you are inwardly calm.

You should know that your soul holds an enormous power that can cope with everything and places you above the laws. In other words, if you are honest with yourself you will always find the way and, consequently, always come into good things. It may, however, take some time because there is an ebb or flow, things that go with or against the tidal current; but this is superficial seen. Inwardly there is a growth, a fantastic growth and, if you are attentive to it, you can always go forward.

Try to involve the Divine in your life at simple moments, moments when you are calm and can think briefly of God. Then you will be giving God the permission, as it were, to inspire your life, and that is indeed a great moment. Because in the deepness, at the core of your life there is a truthfulness that vibrates with the voice of God, with the innermost centre of the universe, with the innermost centre of the cosmos. At certain moments you will experience this. And it is especially at those moments when you are honest with yourself that you will reach this state, that you will enter into that deepest feeling, into that truth.

Know that, with confidence, you can move forward on any path. Because there is no predetermined path set for you, no path you must necessarily take. You might think: 'we are not free; we are not allowed to do whatever we want.' But if you are inwardly calm you can do anything and take any path. For there is an openness, a joy, but you will need to live from the love of your heart, from the intuition of your existence, and then you will come into the right things, and not only once but continuously. And as the whole jumble of situations revolves around you, you go to your centre, you come into your strength, into the good things of existence and learn in an incredible way.

But the greatest lesson is that equanimity and that deep sense of gratitude because you know that life is good. This is something exceptional because on the surface you might think: it’s all going wrong; the world is wrong, people are wrong, politics is wrong, everything is wrong. Yet inwardly you know there is another way you can take and that way is the path of peace, of light, of simplicity, of power.

There are so many possibilities in your life; it’s not that you should feel frightened. You will be helped on every path. In other words, when you pray you will be helped with whatever you do and in whatever direction you want to go. And there is no such thing as a strict plan of action you have to impose upon yourself until you fall apart, also not when things are difficult. Try to go forward with confidence and know that you are a good person and that there are deep meanings in your life you can learn to know. It is not that things will go wrong in your life. Have confidence.”

Master Morya

©, Geert Crevits, group message given during the telepathy programme in Hoorn, the Netherlands, on 31st January 2002

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