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September 2019


Dearest eNews readers,

More than just a father to me, my dad was like a father to many, he was a man who could always give good advice and who - through the books of Master Morya - offered the world a tremendous amount of guidelines and insight. His passing (in September of 2012) deprived us of a great deal of knowledge but he left behind innumerable texts, which we here at Mayil try to preserve and bring to the world in a nice way. It's not always easy steering Master Morya's mission qualitatively in a  good direction, but thanks to the help of many people, the last seven years have been beautiful and touching ones. In the upcoming months we plan to publish a new book in Dutch and for the next year too we have several new plans and projects, in Dutch as well as in different languages for abroad. 
Mum and I are very proud of Master Morya's readers who are so loyal, patient and supportive and read the texts we send out every month.

Because Geert used plain words Master Morya texts can at first seem deceptively easy and self-evident, but once you really start to work concretely with a piece of text, even just a few paragraphs - reading them over a few times and transferring what He says to your life with examples and a practical interpretation according to your own circumstances - then you quickly start to realize what an inexhaustible source of help and guidance can be found in each of those books, half hidden, but open to everyone willing to make a small effort. My advice: never make it into hard work but learn how to make it help you look at your life in a new way, so that you can find joy in what used to be just a grind and light where it once seemed dark. eRegards from Marie

Meditation for the full moon of 14th September 2019

Master Morya,

"There are always people who imagine that their sojourn here on earth should be something really special; but that’s not the way it is. There are people who cling to the idea that something should be happening in their lives; but it's not like that. You should be able to live on earth and open yourself for what is here without feeling obligated to anything whatsoever. There are no obligations in this life you are living on earth. Don't think you should force yourself to take a certain stance, to have a certain insight or whatever else. No, there is a total freedom, in the sense that you can search, you can express yourself, you can enjoy life, you can love people, animals, plants, the earth itself, and all this is not forbidden.  Therefore, there are certain possibilities a person can take advantage of in total freedom and it's certainly worthwhile and exciting to try to live with such a freedom. When you don't feel yourself to be compelled in any way whatsoever, you suddenly gain space and time.

You should gain insight into your life by letting the burdens fall from your shoulders and by looking with total freedom, firstly, at the things around you; secondly, at the things within you and, thirdly, at those things that gradually grow in significance.  You will be fascinated by life if you allow yourself to have a child-like openness and wonderment. Be like a child on this earth. Look at the flowers, look at the birds, look at the universe.  Look at yourself and do so with an open heart, with open eyes.

A joy will always come to you when you open yourself for what is here.  Each time you delve within yourself and try to understand what is going on in your life, you will be able to take your life forward and also become receptive for the universe, for things, for yourself. The best and major thing about this is to discover who you are. Even though your attention may be fixated on the world and you find it difficult to do otherwise, still, the most important thing you could ever do is to discover yourself; because there, within you, you can find everything you need. You might think that what you should be doing is making sure you have enough food, clothing and everything else necessary here on this earth and in a certain sense this is true, but self-development is the most important thing you can do.

 Even though you may be hardworking and a good provider in life, you should actually realize that the reason you are here on earth is to deepen yourself, to deepen your life and to develop yourself. However, you are under no obligation to do this, you are free. Thus, you can choose when and how you want to engage yourself in something - if that is your choice, for you can always choose. You can learn to understand what life is and you can always go further in this because life, itself, is exciting. Life is a divine play and when you are taking part in it, you will learn to discover the rule of play.

Not everything is possible here on this earth. There are some things that are possible and that you still have to learn and there are certain things that are impossible and yet are possible within your innermost self.  By this I mean that when you are on this earth and look at this earth, you may sometimes get the impression of having lost your way, that you don’t know what you are doing here and don’t know how to gain insight into your life. You make comparisons, you see people being busy and you have the feeling: ‘that’s not something I would like to do. Whatever they want to do, okay, let them do it. But what do I want in my life? In what way do I want to go forward?’

Then you may become disillusioned about life because you see so little around you that fits with what you are feeling and are actually busy with. You meet so few people who know about this and are also busy with the same thing. Try to overcome this feeling of disillusionment because otherwise you will not be living fully. Don’t live in disillusionment. Try to live in freedom, with love and with openness towards things, with a sense of wonderment.

Once you learn to see the miracle of things, you will gain hope. You will suddenly understand: ‘there is still hope on this earth because I am beginning to understand what lives within me and I am just beginning to dare to live with it.’  It’s always important that people learn to see this when they go within themselves. Suddenly they realize there are values there, and when they try to bring these to expression they recognize the significance it has for them and for others."

Master MoryaMorya Wijsheid 9: Het overvloedige leven

© Geert Crevits,

This text is the beginning of the book
“Morya Wijsheid 9: Het overvloedige leven"
(Morya Wisdom 9: Abounding life)
First paragraphs of chapter 1: Masters of life


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