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May 2019


Dearest eNews readers,

It is the human being's endowment to choose for love. All the colours of the rainbow are beautiful and your heart is blue interwoven with green. When you choose for love you radiate these colours and your heart shimmers like the feathers of a peacock. Little children, seeing what we cannot see, find this beautiful.

When you choose for love then you mirror love and, whenever they are with you, others then see what is most beautiful within themselves.

Beauty is always positive, it's mainly a question of attitude, the deep-rooted conviction that you are able to live with the love of your heart, very simply and without any fuss. Without saying a word we can talk to the Divine and by doing so you are giving carte blanche to the most beautiful Angels. There are Angels for healing, for harmony, for patience, for solace, for hope....and Angels are always beautiful. 

It's quite a work because the world challenges us and puts our skills to the test. But practice makes perfect and thanks to those who are near to us and also those farther away (the grandchild, the lady next door, politicians) we can modify the hues of our own colours and choose for beauty...always! eRegards from Lydia

Meditation for the full moon of 18th May 2019

Master Morya,

"If a person can understand what it is he or she feels, what it is they desire, what their goal is in life, what kind of questions keep arising, then at once they begin to understand that their life is as expansive as the question. They begin to ask broader, greater questions, more correct questions and consequently can receive greater answers and their life will expand. (...)

Thus, it’s possible for you to make many discoveries in your life and notice very many things. It’s possible for you to expand yourself and deal with more light and to always again becoming more meaningful for others. You should ask yourself: ‘what can I do for others?’ Not that you have to do something for others but do ask yourself this question.

When you look at your fellow men and women with the idea, with a deep longing within yourself of: ‘what can I do to help you? Not to pull you backwards but to help you go forwards,’ then you are working with love.

When you look at your neighbor in this manner with the desire: 'what can I do for you?' not necessarily doing something for them but simply with that question, then you will look at them in another way and make it possible for them to open himself or herself for this selfsame love. At that moment a stream goes out from your heart to the heart of the other and awakens something in both your life and their life. Only because of having focused your attention in this way on the other, a new world is created around you and you will become conscious of this.

You don’t necessarily have to actually do something for the other, but you must make yourself ready to approach the other with love, expressing: ‘what can I do for you to make your life better, more pleasant and more beautiful?’ When you look at life around you in this way a stream of energy goes from you to the other and you are building the world and building yourself. Your heart becomes wider and larger.

So many people don’t understand what it means to live with their hearts because they don’t want to unleash this stream that would rush out to the other, because they don’t want to look upon others with the eyes of love. But when you do this you will make one discovery after another and will keep finding more joy in your heart. You will see your world changing and be able to look at this Earth with the desire: ‘how can I relate with You in the right way?’

Then your life will change unbelievable quickly, you will reach to the deepness of life and suddenly understand that you are, indeed, meaningful to the other. But don’t do too much. Consider this carefully. Once you are being loving you still have to learn not to do too much for someone else. Love will teach you the right measure. Love will show you what you can do and what you shouldn’t do. Be alert for this."

Morya Wijsheid 9: Het overvloedige levenMaster Morya

© Geert Crevits,

From "Morya Wijsheid 9: Het overvloedige leven"
(Morya Wisdom 9: Abounding life)
Fragment from chapter 3: The limiting narrowness of the outer life and the unlimited expanse of the inner life


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