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July 2019


Dearest eNews readers,

You will have probably already noticed that our newsletter is always unrelated to current events and politics. This is a conscious choice which also reflects the contents and style of the Morya books. Even if, reading between the lines, we can often understand his reference to many issues and movements present in our society today and those to come in the future. This is always connected with the appeal to become yourself, not to let yourself be carried away by what is happening in the world, to stay calm, never to panic and to look for guidance and power in your heart.

In your heart you can have contact with a very great divine plan that is unfolding and in which each one of us can participate. Whatever Master Morya says about the present and the future is invariably hopeful and positive. Even if things get difficult, if there are struggles and confusions, if there is a growing divide between people, things are nevertheless developing in a good direction, because more and more people are changing from the inside out and this is unstoppable.

“A person can be of great significance to his people, to his society, but in order to do so, he must go into his own heart. There is no other way to let these immense powers be born.” (Morya Wisdom 1, chapter 7) If you want to change the world, start with yourself, people say, and in fact we can recognize this point of view in Master Morya’s words too.  Be sure to make some time to read a few of Master Morya’s texts this summer, to give your inner self a breath of fresh air too! eRegards from Marie

Meditation for the full moon of 16th July 2019

Master Morya,

“When you go to your heart, when you stay in your heart, when you learn to think from your heart, then you will access your power, then you will find this simplicity and you will know what to do. Because this is a time when there is - and will be - a lot of confusion. 

Very many people will ask themselves questions, will ask new questions; they will look at this eEarth and try to understand it but, more often than not, will fail in their attempt to understand.

By going to your heart you can understand your life. And through this understanding of your life you can come to understand the lives of others. Don't panic when things in life become difficult, because this is a time of acceleration, of intensification and of a new complexity.

The complexity arises because people themselves complicate things. It's not that people don't want to make things simple but often they are not able to find a way in which to simplify them. One person says this, the other says something else, new things are being said and have to be assimilated and processed and, moreover, a conflict will develop in humanity, a conflict around ideas and the increase in the means of communication.

Once people begin using these means of communication they will find themselves overwhelmed by new things. Many of these new things will in a sense be shattering and, in another sense, it will be so that at first people won't be able to grasp them. A great deal of information will come from ancient sources as well as from new sources, causing people to pose new questions and, on the whole, this will occur at such a fast pace that you should be able to guard yourself against it. 

The silence can place a weapon in your hands. Being in silence enables you to discriminate between things. Hence, when you begin to live in the silence of your heart you can get to know what it means to see things in a right way, because the heart can see. The heart knows. The heart knows the way and it is your soul that will lead you. When you long to reach to your soul you will also be able to discover this soul in your life and understand the meaning of soul-power.

Each moment of your life should be a blessed moment, and one of silence. But it's so difficult on this earth because, in her turmoil and in her quest, she has begun twirling, as it were, as a result of the many things she wants to take on at this moment. The Earth is restless and so are the people who live on this Earth, they share the Earth's restlessness. This means they often experience things as a threat even though they pose no threat at all.

Very many people are busy taking their lives in hand. Either they are being displaced or are coming into contact with a many things that put them off balance - with the result that they seek advice from others and want to know how they can move forward. The simplicity of life can give this advice.  

Know that when you stand in your own life, when you live your own life, you are being guided, because this is the way to go forward. Don't look to others, at least not too much, and certainly don't compare where you are with where the other is. Step into your own life; live with your own thoughts, with your own desires, with your own consciousness, with what it is you want to search for. When you live your own life you will be supported. You will discover your intuition and discover you can develop this intuition in a new way.” Morya Kracht 4: De stap naar oneindigheid

© Geert Crevits,

Fragment from "Morya Kracht 4:
De stap naar oneindigheid
("The step towards infinity")
Fragment from chapter 1: 'A turnover on earth’


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