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December 2019


Dearest eNews readers,

Recently two friends came over to have a chat and pour out their hearts. They were having problems. One at her work, the other with her husband. We picked some Morya cards but the answers weren’t what they would have liked to hear. They would have preferred to leave the job and leave that man, but Master Morya usually starts from the premise that problems in our lives are there for a good (read: loving) reason. In other words, not to run away from but to learn something from and become all the stronger and wiser for it. “The world is a training ground” says one of those cards, and that’s how it is. If we can look at it from this perspective, we will immediately be able to start off with more self-confidence and inner calm. This full moon’s Happy 2020text also deals with this topic. It contains a few Morya riddles… So don’t read through it too quickly!
Furthermore, we would like to wish all our readers a beautiful holiday season and a fine end of year celebration. May the year 2020 allow courage, love and a calm resolution to grow in everyone’s heart.

With all our best wishes from Lydia, Laura and Marie

Meditation for the full moon of 12th December 2019

Master Morya,

“The other is different from you; he or she is someone other than you. This is also why we say: the other. He or she is therefore different, and this also means that you have to live in a relation to the other. For this you need to look inside the person, to look at his soul, to look at his consciousness and how it could be made to flourish and develop.

You can only do this from your soul and that is only possible by accessing the knowledge you have within you, by beginning to live and to think on another level.

By putting your focus in your heart you will develop a new kind of thinking and, from this thinking, you can be a real support for the other, because then you can learn to know the other as other, yet still realizing that they need not be like you.  Hence, you will be able to see the other in their freedom and set him or her in their freedom.

This is not easy because you often have the idea that: 'Something urgently needs to happen on this Earth and it has to be something like what I managed to discover with so much effort.'  Here you are making a mistake because, by searching, the other can also find something that is essential and important. Try to respect that. This is not easy because you will always be able to learn to see things from your own vision, your own knowledge, but that is a long road. (I think I misunderstood this next sentence, it should be like you wrote it...though I still think the meaning is not so clear: This is not easy because, from your own vision, your own knowledge, you will always be able to learn to see the things, but that is a long road.

When you attain greatness in your life you will then have room for very many different ideas, for very many different people. And that is the point, that you become so expansive within yourself that you let people be themselves and yet realize that you can have an essential contact with them, whatever they are doing and whatever they want to do with their lives.

Ultimately, you should be so expansive that there is a place in your heart for everything and everyone. This is something you can begin figuring out for yourself, so that you know: 'if I get into difficulties with this or that person, where do I stand and how do I determine my relationship with this person?  Regarding the other, how can I be centered within myself in such a way that I can learn to know myself in relation to the other, without harming either myself or the other in this relationship?’ Take care never to try to achieve something by letting the other do things or letting them say things or by bringing things up which he or she cannot handle. And always try to be careful of what you say, of what you do, so that - taking the other into consideration - you still make an effort to go forward. 

Going forward means seeing and learning to see. Going forward means opening yourself to new things. For be aware: in order to go forward you have to be able to let go of the old. Very many people have trouble doing this. They see someone and then always tend to want to project into him or her what they already know about this person or have noticed about them. In so doing they are making the mistake of entertaining something like: 'this is the way you are, I know you to be like this', and then they fail to see the person who is actually there in front of them. You should be able to let go of that past, of that projection, and know that, as a new person yourself, you can look at someone anew.  

From this newness, from that being in the present moment, you can let go of things from your past and from a future, in order to know: 'now is the moment in which to be open for the other and to be open for what the other is offering me'. I can learn something from each person (…)’

The other can be bothersome, tedious, difficult, and what not, yet you still have to reckon with him or her, which means: don't write them off but also don't let yourself be taken advantage of. Therefore, stay centered within yourself. Stand in your own life so that, from there, you can handle your own force. But not in order to achieve things with the other without this force. When you centre yourself in that force, then you can really go forward and find certain minor solutions. They don't need to be major solutions, they may be small ones, because a solution is a solution. (…)

Don't act in a restrictive way, don't think: 'the other has to think like me'. Be expansive, try to introduce elements that expand the other. By doing this you are actually educating yourself. Because when you help the other to be more expansive, in whatever field, then you will expand in equal measure. And so by keeping busy with people who you would like to see become more expansive, you keep broadening yourself, until eventually you know more and are broader than all those around you and who don't have the same desire as you, who don't want to broaden themselves.

When you do something for someone else you are actually doing it for yourself. Essentially you are working with your own power, you are busy with your own life and, therefore, when you do something for another you are constructing and standing in a construction of that life taking place within you; and this is a fulfillment of the real assignment. By doing things for the other you are carrying out your own task, because you are here not only for yourself but to make everything expansive, great, infinite, to offer everything the capability of experiencing the Divine in this life, on this Earth.”

Master MoryaMorya Kracht 4: De stap naar oneindigheid

© Geert Crevits,

Fragments from "Morya Kracht 4: De stap naar oneindigheid" (The step towards infinity),
chapter 9: Reaching a common understanding with others


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In this video: A reply to a question from the audience:  "we can get intuitions when we meditate but how can we do that when we are busy with daily worries?" Try to physically come to rest while you are busy, be fully present in what you do, let your body relax by bringing variation to your work, and always remain (slightly) concentrated, then you will make room within yourself for that inspiration. Things you do routinely are perfect occasions to do this.

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