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April 2019


Dearest eNews readers,

Last month, I participated in a gathering of one of the dozen or so Morya groups that exist in Belgium. This particular group is quite large and consists of about 12 people who, for several years now, have been meeting regularly to study Master Morya’s texts and workbooks together. For me it was an absolute revelation to be there. When I go out to work, I am usually the one who gives the lectures, but this time I could, so to speak, just lean back and comfortably enjoy the gathering. Several people read parts of the workbook aloud, and after each part we all discussed how we could recognize these texts in our own lives. There was a beautiful interchange and I find it marvelous to see how Master Morya’s texts succeed in putting existential questions and life-size problems into the right perspective and in transforming them from pointless obstacles into genuine initiations into a deeper way of life. Truly miraculous… No wonder I’m so happy that three more Morya groups are starting up in Belgium and the Netherlands, and I invite – or even urge – everyone to join in one of the existing groups or else start your own little group in your living room. You will certainly not regret it! Write us an email and we’ll help you get started. eRegards from Marie

Meditation for the full moon of 19th April 2019

Master Morya,

“Time and time again a joy comes to the one who dares to live with joy.  It isn't necessary to be really joyful in order to live with joy, for joy is something you can learn to accept, it's simply there. 

When you allow joy into your heart, when you accept joy within yourself, then it is there.  Even though you may be in the most difficult and painful situation, if you concentrate upon the joy that is there, then you can experience it. 

It's good to do this every now and again: to be able to see and find this joy within yourself.  It's there, and when you begin to experience it, when you learn to discover it within yourself, then you know that it can always be there.  By this you raise your consciousness, you enter into the joy of life and learn how to live with this joy. 

It calls for courage to be joyful, because sometimes you can’t see any reason to be joyful.  So many discouraging things can happen on this earth that when you focus on these things, it may be you see no reason at all to be joyful.  Notwithstanding that you can look incorrectly - for in fact this is a wrong view of the earth - joy exists in the depth of your being, and the earth is perfect. You should accept this concept. It is part of your own greatness, your own nature.  It is also part of the earth's nature that you can experience this within yourself, that you can accept what belongs to the earth and to you and thereby have the correct contact with this sphere, to be able to live with it.  

To be joyful it isn't necessary to long for heaven. No, you should be able to see that the joy of this earth is present within yourself and that you can discover it whenever you want.  It's not quite as simple as that, but this is the way it works. 

Therefore, when you allow joy within yourself, a stream of energy goes from your heart to your eyes and you can look anew at reality.  For joy will change your view, it will enable you to discover other things. 

It is important to learn to look, it's all about how you look at things.  Look from what is deep within you, from the reality which is there.  Then you will be looking in the correct way at reality.” Morya luister-cd: De vreugde van het samen Zijn

Master Morya

© Geert Crevits,

from "Morya Wijsheid 6: Ontmoeting met Engelen",
(Morya Wisdom 6: Meeting with Angels)
fragment from chapter 2: 'Joy raises your consciousness’

Mayil eNieuws

New videos

New videos have been posted on our YouTube channel. Every video has  Dutch subtitles which can automatically be translated into your own language and the result is usually not too bad and easy enough to follow. Marie talks about different subjects taken from the latest Morya book that was published in Dutch entitled: “Feeling at home in your own life”

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