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September 2018


Dearest eNews readers,

Time and time again, Master Morya urges us to go within, to turn to ourselves, to try to introduce moments of simple silence into our lives, to believe in ourselves, to be ourselves, and so on and so forth. This isn't because He wants us to be more selfish but, on the contrary, because He knows that deep within us there is something to be found that can't be found anywhere else in the whole wide world.

Each of us is sitting on our own unique, wonderful treasure chest to which only we ourselves have the key. And until we open that great big chest and start to uncover that treasure, no-one will be able to enjoy the singular beauty of what we carry inside of us. Master Morya can clearly see our beautiful potential, even if we don't, and that's why He will never tire of repeating this appeal, over and over, until we make use of that key. eRegards from Marie

Meditation for the full moon of 25th September 2018

Master Morya,

"Try to get in touch with yourself. If you become inwardly agitated because of something or other, because of what is happening in your life, you should every now and then be able to return to a moment of silence, to a moment when you were not busy with others, to a moment when you can reach to your originality, to a sense of: ‘this is who I really am.’ And these moments when you learn to know yourself, when you are aware of who you really are, are very important, because thereby you are giving yourself a conscious opportunity to grow. It is from that originality within yourself that you can actually know what it is you want.

The people around you or in the world are mostly a kind of distraction, an idea that perhaps this or perhaps that could also be possible, but then things which may also not be your thing. However, if you can return to yourself you will be connecting to your own personal story, to that deep story which is present in you in all its originality.

It is good in that sense to now and then recharge yourself, to not only be looking through the filter of this world but to dare to be earnest with yourself, to feel that there are indeed also nice moments in your life, moments when you can relax, when you might even pick up some bold ideas to then eventually do some things that are in consonance with yourself. So that you know: ‘this is how I actually am, this is my ambition, this is my intention, this is what I want to achieve in my life.’ Because, be careful, in this life, in your life, there are many possibilities. It’s not just a simple little life. For this life, your very own life, is in fact important and you can engage yourself in fascinating and important matters. 

But at a certain moment you have to learn to make that choice. Not so much: ‘what do others want of me?’  But: ‘what is deeply rooted within me, perhaps even a bit hidden? What can I discover in myself, what is my quality in this life? What can I do well, what do I enjoy doing, what is important?’ These are good things to occasionally bring back to mind: ‘what have I learned? Why did I choose to go this way? What was important for me?’

Some people know since childhood what they want in life and may then spend a lifetime running in search of: ‘is this what I really want?’ But often life comes along with a number of great ideas, a number of great original moments when you clearly feel: ‘this is what my soul wants of me, or this is what my deeper self wants of me.’ And, now and again, it’s good to do this, to quietly take yourself into account in your life.  

And then you are able to do wonderful things, things which are important not only for you but also for others, for the world, things you can learn to express, to work out in a correct way, because you feel: ‘it's not all the same.’ In each soul there lies an incredible beauty, an incredible refinement. Your deeper self is light, your deeper self is peace, and to live with that invariably means something for other people, for this world."

Master Morya

© Geert Crevits,
From Morya Course 40
(unpublished book, dictated in 2010)

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New videos

This month, new videos have been posted every Wednesday noon, and this will continue at least until the end of this year.

As more than 100 people subscribed to our Youtube channel, we were allowed to pick an easier URL, so this is where you can find us from now on:

Every video has Dutch subtitles which can be automatically translated by Google. The quality is far from perfect, but usually, they preserve the meaning well enough.

M6(M6) Inspiration = concentration + calm (EXERCISE for during routine) (4:33)

Try to become physically calm while doing routine chores. Do these things with concentration and following  your own rhythm.This will allow you to 'bathe' in a kind of inner luxury. By the combination of easy concentration and inner calmness, you make space for inspiration. In this way you naturally gain more insight into: 'what do I find important in my life?' and you are able to use the otherwise meaningless moments of your life to come closer to yourself. M7

(M7) MEDITATION for confidence (05:19)

In this video: A two-minute meditation that allows you to build trust and self-confidence.

(M8) EXERCISE: Bringing thoughts to your heart (15:40)

M8An exercise from one of the Morya Workbooks that makes it easy for you to stop fretting and worrying. The mind has a habit of turning around in circles, but this actually costs us a lot of energy. This simple exercise, in which we bring a few thoughts or emotions to our heart, one by one, once a day, frees us from tension and gives us insight into solutions, sometimes immediately, sometimes a little later.

M9(M9) Hope and challenges in the New Era (06:00)

In this video: Someone from the audience observes that Master Morya’s wisdom is not at all outdated (although some of his books have existed for over twenty years). This is true, because Master Morya spoke ahead of his time. The true problem of this time is the lack of values in our society. The New Era will not be a revolution, but will come about gradually. Don’t look up to anyone, don’t look down on others, then you will find your way.

M10EXTRA: Just posted!  (M10) When you are sad… (00:39)

Master Morya says: "When you are sad, then try to give your sadness to Me ... Because it’s not because you are sad,  that you should have to carry that sadness yourself."

Next Wednesday: (M11) About karma, enlightenment and the patience of love (20:37)

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