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New Year 2018


“My mission shows itself in the bringing of the Christ force to the people.” Master Morya

Dearest eNews reader,

Writing is a way for me to compose myself, it's how I can give a place to the things in my life. Geert, too, wrote a lot and when Master Morya came into our lives it was also through writing. With the difference Nothat from that books came into being, good books that add value to the life of anyone who takes them in hand. Good books are like good friends, not pushy but giving, patient, and with different levels. They say things you already know and this sets you at ease. They say new things and this keeps the friendship going, and they also say things you've never heard before, but in all simplicity, and that is what keeps the friendship alert and awake. And one day you will understand it completely because you had heard it before, you'll recognize it and understand it, and that is what makes life so rich. 

For the new year 2018 we chose a meditative text that characterizes Master Morya’s message well: it’s universal, gives hope and especially urges you to become yourself, believe in your own inner strength and dare to listen to your own intuition.

Not surprisingly, those are our heartfelt wishes for you too, dearest readers,
from Lydia, Marie and Laura

Happy 2018!

Meditation for the occasion of New Year and the full moon of 2nd January 2018:

Master Morya,

The Earth and the totality of humanity are facing a challenge: 'Can people become themselves? And what is preventing them from becoming him- or herself? The structures - political, religious, or whatever other structure, the inherited structures passed down through the generations, the national boundaries, the restrictions, the documents that have to be filled in, the papers that need to be kept… you name it, are these the things that determine life?

Or is it something else that is showing me what life is and what it can be?" There are people who are rediscovering the values deep within themselves that were once installed on this Earth, the eternal wisdom, the eternal law that prevails on this Earth, that is engraved in people's hearts. You can learn to know these laws and thereby you can allow the Earth to recharge itself, so to speak, you can allow your heart to once again drink from the source of eternal life.

There is a force in your heart that is eternal and, when you discover it, a tidal wave, a storm, a renewing powerful force will come into your life with the result that you will learn to understand that not everything is of the same value, and in your personal life it will allow you to discover something like: "Yes, there is practically nothing left from what was before and everything is changing." This is sometimes the prediction made of ‘disasters’, of everything 'changing' which people also describe in terms of fire or water or in other ways that move people. But the change will happen within people. (…)

It is a matter of living deeply and having a connection to the renewal. This is very important. It is important for every person to consult his or her own heart and take the step towards the acceptance of the inner light, towards accepting the Christ force in his or her heart, and not to leave this up to others: "It's up to them to tell us and they should arrange it so that we…" No. "The point is that I develop my own spiritual force, gather the energy coming from God, and with that energy give colour to my own life so as to loosen the structures and create new things, new forms, wherein I can become myself and wherein I can also show who I really am." 

Master Morya

© Geert Crevits,

From Morya Kracht 5, ‘True to yourself’, chapter 10 “The eternal laws rediscovered”

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