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August 2018


Dearest eNews readers,

For this full moon I chose a text from my father’s favourite book: “Morya Wisdom 3: God lives in your heart”. Don’t be deterred by the word ‘God’ in the title; Master Morya has a super down-to-earth view of what spirituality (and thus a bond with the Divine) should be: practical and reasonable, interspersed with joy and light humour, cordial, patient, mild and yet fiery. This is also the kind of spirituality I myself grew up with and which I try to bring across to the audience during my lectures. I’m really glad that some of the lectures I gave last year in Belgium and the Netherlands are now being posted online - one segment every week.

The theme is “Feeling at home in your own life”. Each one has Dutch subtitles, which can be automatically translated by Youtube in your own language. The translation isn't perfect of course, but overall it still conveys the right meaning of what is being said (read more below).

I’m also really proud to announce that one of our associates in Poland will be giving a lecture next month in which he will share his personal story about how Master Morya came into his life and what difference this has made for him. If you are in Warsaw on 19th September, be sure to stop by the Nieznany Świat book store to attend! eRegards from Marie

Meditation for the full moon of 26th August 2018

Master Morya,

Meditation is learning to accept the Earth. This is real meditation. Meditation is not trying to reach heaven. No, you should try to accept the Earth. And there lies the difficulty. A person always has a problem about the one who is with him: ‘how can I accept this?’ There are so many differences in the other person that it is always annoying. The other person sees things differently, speaks differently, the other is different, eats differently, sleeps differently. He does things in his own way and this can sometimes evoke strong feelings of vexation in your heart.

If you learn to see this, then you will be able to let it go, and this means that you will be able to find peace. You can only do this when you have found your own rhythm. When you meditate and enter into the silence, without any thoughts about the other, without any thoughts about the whole of this big Earth, then you will come into your own rhythm and you can try to accept the Earth, to accept the other.

You can try to live in such a way that you feel and experience a peace whenever you come out of your meditation: ‘I will let the other be himself, be herself, I’m not going to do anything more about it.’ Even if you were to experience this only for a moment, feeling the stillness of your own heart and being able to let the other person go, then just this one moment would already be significant for the other as well as for yourself. And this can grow; these moments can increase.

When you are close to people, you’ll feel that you are able to let these people go when you trust your heart. (…) The reason that the other cannot become himself or herself has very much to do with people’s thoughts and the interweaving of thoughts. When you are together with someone with your heart and you let go of your thoughts, then an enormous transformation can come into the life of this other person. Suddenly another energy comes to him and another energy begins to live with the family or in the environment that he or she is engaged with.

It is important to be able to let go and at the same time to be able to approach your fellow men and women warm­heartedly. Be friendly and spontaneous and dare to live your own life, letting go of the other in your thoughts. So, don’t interfere with your thoughts in what the other is doing. In this way you’ll see that things are set right, that an immense shift takes place in the other person’s experience, whereby he doesn’t know what has come over him and whereby he will begin to question himself: ‘am I really busy in a good way?’ So, let go, yes, but with warm-heartedness.

In this manner you can let go of anything you want and yet keep the connection, the real con­nection, the real bond with the other. Because the geniality a person shows and with which he lives will transform the whole atmosphere. Thereby a real and essential transformation will take place, one that will effect radical changes, perhaps affecting the rest of this person’s life. This is the way you should actwhenever you are with people and don’t know how to deal with them.Morya Wisdom 3: God lives in your heart

Master Morya

© Geert Crevits,

From Morya Wisdom 3: God lives in your heart, fragments from chapters 2 and 3

Mayil eNieuws

Watch these videos

Marie gives a lecture about “Feeling at home in your own life”. Every week, a new installment is posted online.

Each video has Dutch subtitles which can be translated by Youtube into your own language. The quality of translation is far from perfect of course, but in general, the meaning is well preserved.

Video 1So far, five videos are available. Every Wednesday noon, a new video is posted.

(M1) Your personality is like a ladder (15:44)

This video is about being sunny, the struggle to become original, the Divine is present in your life, choosing for inspiration, and how your personality is like a ladder enabling you to reach your heart.

Video 2(M2) Where lies my happiness? (05:41)

Sometimes we allow other people or things to disturb our happiness too easily. We don’t need to wait until the others are loving; better to make the first step ourselves. On days where we can maintain our inner peace, the world bothers us much less. You can make yourself free if you let go of expectations. There is a force in your heart that can deal with anything.

Video 3(M3) How do I tackle my problems? (EXERCISE focused thinking) (14:46)

In this video: a small but very effective exercise to do during spare moments in your life. To try to see what is really there, and to involve love in one item of your life. Don’t sweep your problems together into one heap, because then you don’t see where to start; keep them apart and look at one problem at a time. About love in a concrete manner and about going beyond action-reaction patterns.

Video 4(M4) A wondrous future (07:56)

Master Morya asks us not to criticize ourselves, and not to compare ‘now’ with ‘eventually’. Each of us has an enormous force inside; with our free choice we can also choose the easy way out, but if you ignore your inner voice too often you forget the meaning of your life.  The Divine has a special place for each of us in His loving Plan. If you take an interest in your life, your life becomes important. Honesty can breach your limitations. When you do the exercise from the last video (M3), you gradually learn that you are strong and you discover: ‘I can handle my life.’

Video 5(M5) Dialogue with the Divine (10:26)

In the kingdom of God, God is king and so are you. You yourself can initiate a dialogue with the Divine. God is a hidden force, and it’s okay to keep it hidden in your own life as well. Our heart asks us to make a leap of faith, it asks us: ‘Do you believe in yourself? Then prove it!’ Love never asks for anything in return. If you find that life is suffocating you, then take some time alone.

Next Wednesday:

(M6) Inspiration = concentration + calmness
(EXERCISE to do during routine actions)

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