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April 2018


Dearest eNews readers,

In between other work these past few weeks, I've been very busy with the preparations for our next regularly scheduled meditation programme, which this time focuses on 'positivity'. To prepare for an evening like this I research Master Morya's books for what He has to say about the subject in question and then also observe these things in my own life. Noteworthy: normally I am optimism personified; ever since I was little I've always managed to see the beauty in everything and have a rock-solid faith that everything happens for the best and will turn out all right in the end. But during the past weeks my 'positivity' was sorely put to the test; big and small disappointments and adversities stacked up and I've never found it so difficult to not become negative or emotional. Yes, this was an exquisite opportunity to practice staying calm and level-headedly looking at what was happening!

Sometimes negative emotions can serve to show us that some things no longer fit into our lives, but at other times they may be saying nothing more than that we should take ourselves better in hand and start to look at things differently. One thing is certain: our emotions and our minds see things differently than our hearts. The heart is never desperate or embittered because love is always constructive and full of confidence. At times when things are truly hard you can experience this contrast the best: when you are in your heart you are patient and confident, when you're not in your heart you immediately panic. Then you pick yourself up and again go to your heart and can breathe again...until you once again 'lose heart', and so on. Confidence and despair are as close to each other as your belly and your heart...a mere fifteen centimeters apart perhaps?   

If I may summarize chapter 8 of Master Morya's 10th book, 'Choosing to be yourself' - there Master Morya says:  Being an optimist is better than being pessimistic, but it isn’t always possible. Still, it is better to look in a positive way, to put your problems into perspective, remain calm, not give up and trust in the miracles that love is capable of. 

My conclusion is that the power of positivity lies in openness; whoever is seduced by pessimism closes himself or herself, folds back into himself or herself, but whoever has a positive outlook is open, open to solutions, to the good, to the future, to the depth of life, and to change.  

For this month I've chosen a sunny full-moon text about the importance of being cheerful and making your own choices. Enjoy! eRegards from Marie

Meditation for the full moon of 30th April 2018

Master Morya,

“When you were a child you could be happy with the sun, with a beautiful day, with the promise of taking a walk or playing a game. You were able to be happy with the small things of life and when you were originally busy in this way, not looking at others, not making comparisons, but simply living from out of yourself, then you really had a hold on life and this is what you should regain.

(…) When you are working on something you should keep working on it until you discover: ‘this is exciting, it’s interesting. I would like to know more about it or I would like to continue with it until I find joy in it and can see what I can really do with it and experience with it.’ The point is to stick with what you are doing for a time, so that you can follow it in yourself and see yourself developing therein.

But if you are doing something boring, worn out, something that doesn’t mean anything to you - and this can happen when you do something just because someone else wants you to do it - then you are, in fact, not busy in the right way. Then you aren’t discovering your own life, you are mimicking. You are taking over an idea that another has about you and you may want to fulfill these expectations as well as you can. As a reaction to their request, you then have the desire to be that obedient child, or you may want to be that naughty child. But in this manner you are not really living.

(…) The main lesson is learning to dare to make choices and not letting your choices be dependent upon others. Decide for yourself: ‘I think this is nice, I think this is good, I think this is interesting, this is something I want to do.’ If you do this you will inevitably receive support from others; you’ll see. Not at first; at first you will be on your own; you wrench yourself free and go your own individual way. But eventually others will begin to see the original value for which you stand, your personal way of looking at reality, of seeing the world. This can and may be very original and it is always meaningful because it opens something for others. Thus, when you go your own way you show who you are and you are unavoidably different from other people; and you can be sure that you will be opening something for others.

When you are sure of your worth as an individual, sure of your personality, of the force living within you, of the beauty within you, you will go far with this. It is the path of joy, which is why it is so important. When you can be a joyful person on this earth, you will have conquered yourself and you will have conquered a part of the world, because then you will have many supporters. When you can be joyful it also helps your fellow man and woman. But you mustn’t do it for your neighbor; do it for yourself. Dare to be happy with your own originality, your own independence, with the force that is in you, with peace, with beauty, with the love and all the other things in your life.”

Master Morya

© Geert Crevits,

From “Morya Wijsheid 9: “Het overvloedige leven”
(Morya Wisdom book 9: Abundant life),
Fragments from the first chapter: ‘Masters of life'

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