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December 2017


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Geert and I always wrote a lot, and starting in 1981 we would sometimes also write in each other's diaries. But from 1985 onward those notebooks were literally taken over by the Masters. In the beginning the language was not very fluent but right from the start the ideas were very clear and powerful. In those early years several Masters worked together to give detailed explanations about people in the New Age. Master Morya came first - for a short time - most often introduced by a different Master we had known in person not very long before, without realizing who he really was. But the other Masters were a part of it too and together they complemented each other, making a colorful pallet of light and wisdom.  Master Morya gradually spoke more often and was eventually most prominent in the work.

In some way or another Lahiri Mahasaya was very close and dear to me. He talked mainly about the Universal Christ consciousness, with which Jesus of Nazareth was also working, and which our time, according to Lahiri, makes it more possible than before to have clearer insights, and in many more domains than back then. "I mean", he added, "that in his day Jesus of Nazareth could not express everything so clearly to people. Not that it wasn't clear to him but, as a precaution, there were many things he did not say, not even to his most intimate companions."

For the reflective texts of this full moon, Marie typed out a few passages from the beginning of our ‘Lahiri Mahasaya’ notebook.
May these inspiring words give you the courage to go your own path. eRegards from Lydia

Meditation for the full moon of 3rd December 2017

(Wednesday 28th January 1987)
L. M.
(...)The Christ is a force that even now, for the coming Age of Aquarius,will continue doing its work as it did in the previous circumambulation of the world, and this will be so for quite a time to come.  The Christ force is accessible to everyone, in order to unite with God (...)

(Thursday 29th January 1987)
I would like to talk a bit more about the Christ Consciousness, in order to make it clearer in my own way, which is to say that the Christ is there in order to bring people to unity, so that, all together, we can then bring a greater energy on Earth and thereby create a connection, by way of the Christ Consciousness, to the Father-Mother God. Thus, a better idea about how God is working with the world and the creation and how people can express the Divine on Earth, can be introduced. 

The Christ is the link between people and God and in this way, via the Christ force, a person can connect with the Father-Mother God in order to go further in this life on a new level, and to be able to break the mirroring of existence so that they can live in the reality of this life on Earth. In this way we will be able to live as spiritual people who are able to fully make use of their bodies as instruments. 

Friday 30th January 1987)
(...) and according to me we have reached such an important period now, wherein we will certainly be using the Christ force to the advantage of the world. If I take a moment to consider this, it means that even in these new times we will need the Christ force for all things because no other power supersedes it. In comparison to other forces, this force can create unity, but the love this force bears in itself is not only able to create unity among people but can as well bring them renewal in their daily lives, because this force is here to continuously show us what our first priority should be. 

With this force we can learn to make clear distinctions and so determine how to go about our day, for in this way we can quickly deal with many things which are useless or of little importance, or we can even drop them completely and only deal with the most important things. It is very important - when time will increasingly speed up for us or when we will have less and less time for ourselves - that we learn to make this distinction.

Lahiri Mahasaya

© Geert and Lydia Crevits,

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