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August 2017


Dearest eNews reader,

There are certain times in life when we try so much to do our best that we tend to overlook  ourselves. Master Morya keeps repeating: don't forget yourself, don't lose yourself while you are busy working, wanting, and trying. Not that it's so hard, merely keeping it in mind is enough although sometimes it calls for making a radical choice to decide to anchor this 'keeping it in mind' and make it a new habit.  

We wish you beautiful days for the rest of this summer, full of light, outwardly as well as inwardly.

eRegards from Marie, Lydia and Laura

Inspiration for the full moon of 7th August 2017

Master Morya,

You need to find certain ways of calming down, and this is very important.  If you are too active and busy with too many things, and if you confront yourself too much with the things of this Earth, then you will soon become distracted, which will be detrimental to your health, to your diligence, to your outlook...... to your life let's say.   

Therefore, at certain moments be radical and say: "Look, now I want to take some rest." And then you have to take that break and even make it a priority and realize the importance of doing so. Because when you are in the simplicity of your life, in the tranquility of your life, then you can see more and also remember more. This means you give things a place in your life and thereby see: 'This is what I'm busy with and it will steer me in the right direction in my life, and I can be happy about that.'  And this feeling of contentment with life is a major factor. From time to time you should really make room for your life in order to realize: 'I am living a life, and I am conscious of it, and I know what it means to allow this life to enter my heart.' Because you must try to do this consciously, otherwise it won't be there. 

It is especially a matter of sharpening and taking hold of your consciousness, so that you know: 'Look, this is my life and this is how I can live it.'  And these are all very small things - indeed even small words - but it makes such a big difference when you do these things consciously. You can simply put it into practice during your time of reflection, by asking yourself:  "Well, what is my life? What is its meaning? What can I do with it? And how can I introduce this calmness into my existence?"   

Often fear stems from a feeling of unrest because of your being in too much of a hurry with things. You should therefore be able to sort out certain matters, calmly and with simplicity. In this way you will always be able to move forward, because you'll discover that when you can bring things to rest within yourself you find the key to your life. Usually it won't be far away, most probably you will find it lying at your feet, because when you make time for stillness and joy in your life you suddenly see the light necessary to enable you to go forward.

Master Morya

© Geert Crevits,

From Morya Kracht 7, chapter 8 (unpublished book)



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