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September 2016


Dearest eNews readers,

Good news. Six months ago we had an inspector come by for a thorough check of our non-profit organization...VAT and taxes, invoices, income, costs and expenses, allowances for expenses, etc., all were meticulously examined. We also had a detailed conversation about the functioning of our organization, with the inspector asking many questions about our affairs and procedures, even about the content of what we are doing (...before leaving he took home a brochure for his wife). Our accountant was also present at this meeting. The inspector left saying he planned to continue verifying and going over our papers and bills more closely at his own desk. Then we didn’t hear anything more for quite some time....but now, finally, we received word that, as we expected, no mistakes or irregularities were to be found in the Mayil Non- Profit Organization. So, complete approval!  eRegards from Marie

Meditation for the full moon of 16th September 2016

Master Morya,

... This is why it is good to be appreciative of what your children or others do. Look at and pay attention to the positive things they do, listen to what is positive in them, search for the positive and don’t reproach them if something goes amiss or is wrong or was misjudged, or whatsoever it might be. If you emphasize the problems then you will mostly always have problems. If you are busy with the problems in your life and keep looking at the problems of others, then you may well find yourself being challenged from morning  till evening and you will notice little else than problems. This is the reason I often give people the advice to look at things in a positive way,  in a calm way,  in a loving way, and to accept the fact that people are different, that you are different from the other; yet in a positive way, which means taking account of the force within your being, that force which is present deep within you, to achieve things, to realize things.

Whoever you are, you are here on Earth with a programme, with an assignment. And you can learn things about yourself, about that assignment, about what touches you deeply. It might be that in these modern times you are moved by many things that someone else finds trivial, but things wherein you know a deepness and wherein you will begin studying about people, about souls and about the reality of this Earth. Nevertheless, it may sometimes be a distraction for you to go along with others in their development. Be aware that you are different from the others.

Give the other what he or she needs but also take what you need for yourself, this is very important. Then you will go forward, then you can also truly be happy. It is important to develop many different aspects of yourself, but also important that you create an opportunity for the other to be able to develop himself or herself. If you have children then support them in their studies, help them to do their best and, whenever at all possible, not to waste time, but allow them to relax too, and also let them look for what is in itself fun and interesting.  

There are so many things which could be accomplished and if you look at your children and at other people in a positive way you are also working with positive energies, then you are actually looking to see what is the best at a particular moment, not for eternity. You, yourself, may be living with great realities, you may be present in great things, but things that others cannot grasp or think they cannot grasp, or they may not even be interested. Don’t let this disappoint you; know that you are someone who can sense correct, deep things and that this might be different for others and perhaps so different that you aren’t able to understand it. But if you are calm, if you are quiet, if you are ‘in the Divine’, I would nearly say, then you will be able to understand a great deal from the peace of your heart, you can understand a lot more from the peace in your heart than you can from what you think or feel, or from what you think you can think or what you think you can feel. Master Morya

© Geert Crevits,

From Morya Energy book 5, 'True to yourself,
fragment from chapter 9: Coming to harmony

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