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October 2016


Dearest eNews readers,

Recently, one of my sisters was telling me about an alternative course in communication that she had been following. There was a certain exercise in which all the participants were invited to share their vision (or lack of) of communication, with the help of some key words. The conclusion was that everyone urgently wanted to be heard more, but felt no-one was actually listening. During the next few days I resolved to pay extra attention not to immediately start talking about myself and to just let others speak their minds. What beautiful conversations came about once I consciously let go of the natural urge to have my own 'story' told!  A conversation became a real exchange instead of each person trying, often in vain, to air their own concerns. For me it was a surprising, instructive and heartwarming experience. And just then I came across a sentence in the new Dutch book we are working on, which was so very relevant: "...the person who has achieved a kind of equilibrium should try to listen to his fellow persons. This is an important gift; not many people can actually listen." And still, with the right insight and a little bit of good will, a person can disover a lot of beauty on their path!   eRegards from Marie

Meditation for the full moon of 16th October 2016

Master Morya,

Simple forces are always present when a person strives for simplicity, which means that then forces are truly present.  Sometimes a person's desires and efforts may leave them exhausted and he or she cannot see how to go forward, but there will always be forces present when you strive for simplicity. Therefore, in whatever situation you may be, no matter how complicated, if you strive for simplicity, hence, if you work with your heart, then you will find solutions, this is an absolute certainty. 

However, soon you may find you have a tendency to go too quickly and that is not good. It's better to go slowly, because when you aspire for something with your heart you are in simplicity and, above all, you begin to set things in order. And this order is difficult because the Earth is in chaos. When you put things in order, when you are working on a plan, when you are working with the Divine, then you are doing things that take time. This also implies making use of time in the right way.

Hence, you must take account of time; you cannot work outside of time. Despite the fact that, from love, you are able to see beyond time, you must still reckon with time and so you need to take time and give time. You should not neglect time or think that time is unimportant. It is really very important. Therefore, use your time well and especially learn how to deal with order within the concept of time.

It is very important to make time for various things, therefore, to deal consciously with time, to say: "Look, this is the time I have, this is what I want to do and I want to do it in this way." In that event you are using  energy in the sense that you are learning what it means to express certain things in your own way, because then you are powerful. By imitating others you will never be able to achieve anything. You have to live your own life, be in your own energy and take you own responsibility, then you will be doing something that is essential and good.

Master Morya

© Geert Crevits,

From Morya Kracht 4 "The step to infinity",
Beginning of chapter 12, 'Becoming a rose’



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