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May 2016


Dearest eNews readers,

I just got back from a wonderful course of ‘Telepathy and Intuitive Development’ in  Hossegor, a pleasant French seaside village with the Pyrenees as backdrop on the very edge of the horizon. One of the participants sent me a mail on the day after the course to thank me for these unique days we all spent together, and he wrote: 

“.....I especially appreciated the fact that you enabled us to become autonomous, to converse with our deepest selves. I didn’t think that this would be so easy but with your technique it is....   I will remember these four days in May 2016, so filled with gaiety...... here was me, thinking that spirituality was something serious when in fact, no, the correct word is:  it’s joyous!”

eRegards from Marie

Meditation for the full moon of 21st May 2016

Master Morya,

Freedom calls for hard work. Beauty is something one must struggle for every day. Generosityis very important. Love lasts forever and one must do his very best to attain it, otherwise it simply won’t be there. These are all things a person must consciously work on; otherwise they just won’t be there.

You can meet many people who have no knowledge of these values and almost live their lives going from one disillusionment to the other, from one catastrophe to the other. It is sorrowful to look at humanity and witness the destruction of so many of its precious aspects, and seeing things happening that shouldn’t be happening. These people are then victims. However, there are also other people in the same situation who flourish, who are so helpful, who become so open for others it’s unbelievably beautiful; it makes you exclaim, “Where do they get it from, where do they get this energy and how did they attain this deep understanding of existence?” All this is possible on this Earth.

There is a whole treasure of possibilities of which you can become aware. You are faced with them at each moment of your life and through them you will be tested at times of disasters on this Earth. I’m not saying you will experience these things, I’m also not saying what they will be like and where. I am saying that people should learn to see things in a very different way and learn to open themselves for what is very great, to such an extent it enables them to see the reality and not only what is transitory.

Everything on this Earth gives the impression of being transitory, and yet there is always a fundamental and enduring activity taking place and this is what you should try to find and to experience. Once you experience this, you will be a happy person and will understand, through the great spectacle of life, what it is all about. You will understand the deeper meaning of life, something that will never leave you, something that will follow you from life to life in an evolution of blossoming and beauty and majesty. You must dare to touch this essence. You must dare to place it in your heart and live with it; and then something pure will be born within you, something immensely vast and in a constant state of change. The purity goes along with the transformation. It carries an openness, just like the lily that grows and blossoms, unfolds its petals, shares its fragrance and fades. This is purity. Meanwhile it has left behind an inimitable beauty having left a deep impression on the heart, through which the person knows, “This exists.”

It’s the same with your own life. You can find moments in your life that are eternal, of which you know, “This exists and I was able to experience it and it is one of the treasures of my life.” Your awareness of this should grow, this is what you should work at, this is the level I would like you to live on. Master Morya

© Geert Crevits,

Extract from Morya Wisdom book 2 “Simplicity”,
end of chapter 9 ‘A task in life’

Mayil eNieuws

International news:

Visit to Poland in June

Marie will be in Warszawa, Poland, on the last weekend of June.  This will be her fourth visit to Poland (she accompanied Geert on her first two visits there, some years ago).

On Friday evening, 24th June, (6 p.m.) Marie will be giving a lecture in 'Nieznany Swiat', one of the most well-known spiritual book shops in Poland, which also publishes books and a very popular spiritual magazine.

On Saturday, 25th June, (10 a.m.) Warszawa's three Morya groups will be meeting together with Marie.
At around 3 p.m. there will be a Morya In-Depth Workshop, open to everyone.

For more detailed information about the programmes, please consult our Polish Morya website:

Aleksandra, who is Marie's Polish teacher, has kindly volunteered to be the translator for this weekend and will be coming with Marie from Belgium.  Thank you Aleksandra! 

Mayil eNieuws

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