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February 2016


Dearest eNews readers,

Master Morya is always positive and hopeful; he always tries to show us that the future is bright and that the present can be a good time.  There is a source of wisdom within us and this wisdom can guide us towards solutions. There is a connection with a source of love within us and this love can show us that we are never alone or unnoticed. There is a source of power within us and this power can infuse us with self-confidence and kindness.

Everything we need is right there within our hearts. And so, I hope that you will take this small piece of advice from Master Morya (if you haven’t already done so) and take a few minutes every day to reach out to that source of goodness within you, so that we may all be connected and complement each other in the rise of a new and splendid Earth.  eRegards from Marie

Meditation for the full moon of 22nd February 2016

Master Morya,

From the divinity within you, from your intuition, you learn to settle a number of things in the right way. Not everything can be expressed in words and this is also not necessary. But you should try to live from and with that energy.

For this reason, every morning and evening, you should be able to take five minutes, or one minute, to spend with God, to let his energy come into your heart. In this way you will get what you might call a cleansing, you will gain insight, a renewing insight.  Then light will come into your heart, your life will gain meaning, you’ll notice more and more points which you have in common with others, you will reflect on your problems more profoundly because, increasingly, you will be learning to look at them, to face them. You won’t run away from them, you will simply look at them, not to immediately do something about them but in fact to strive for objectivity in your life and towards the lives of others. 

In other words, it’s a kind of chain reaction, you start with something without knowing where it will end and others do this too, and the one person complements the other. As a whole, many more people than before are opening themselves for the divine forces, the divine energy, and the renewal is coming from within. In the course of the coming years very many innovations will come from very unexpected quarters, but they will come from people’s hearts because they will feel inspired and will have begun to live from the deepness and from that inner force. Then they will also be sure of themselves, they will come forward with a greater self-assurance because they know and because they know that what they are doing is good because it comes from out of the goodness of their hearts. 

These are energies that connect with one another. These are energies that will come to the fore, as it were, in different countries around the world, amongst the different peoples of the world. And across borders people will find one another in all honesty and openness, and through this achievements will be made in finding solutions to the problems of this Earth – poverty, wars, conflicts and anything else which you might see as being a problem. People will turn their attention to these things and they will certainly work on solving several contentious issues so that in some places a harmonious accord will be reached.  Master Morya

© Geert Crevits,
Fragment from Morya Kracht 5: Trouw aan jezelf, chapter 10
(this book is being released in Dutch next month)


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