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December 2016


Dearest eNews readers,

"The person with the greatest self-confidence is the one who has dared to live".  says Master Morya in Wisdom 2 (chapter 10), and I fully agree. “Dare to take a calculated risk”, He says on the same page. To be able to do that, I believe that sometimes it is necessary to worry a bit less. About what can go wrong as well as about others. Will everything be all right with my child, my partner, my friends,…? Or also ‘what will they not think when I do this?’ No, let go of the others. And put aside your own insecurities for a moment. Try to follow the impulse of your heart; even though it may be small, it will be new and daring. Even though for others it might be something easy, for you it will be a conquest. It is in these moments that you learn about yourself the most, that you shape and strengthen yourself. It is in this way that you come to live closer to yourself and create a feeling of ‘home’. Regards from Marie

Happy 2017* * *

We wish all our readers a very cozy end of the year and then a lovely 2017 full of light, connectedness and inner discoveries.
Happy New Year from Lydia, Marie and Laura

Meditation for the full moon of 14th December 2016

Master Morya,

Discover your own rhythm in whatever work you are doing. Whether studying or doing ordinary things, whether cooking or writing, you should get into the regular routine, as it were, of working in a calm way. And then when you are finished with your work - say you've written a letter and have become completely calm because you didn’t fuss about the writing of that letter - then in that quiet tranquility there will be moments of inspiration. While you are writing you might also sit quietly and take a moment to listen to your heart and there find that inspiration. 

It is very important to try to discover that thread of inspiration in your life, to discover the joy in the little things, due to the fact that for you all is calm and good in your life. 

To be in that force, in that beauty of life, to give your attention to what is happening inwardly whilst outwardly you may be busy, is a very important quality of life.

The external things in the world can often be the cause of your becoming disturbed, of allowing yourself to become disturbed and annoyed by situations, by things or noises or people around you, and you should try to recognize this for yourself.  You could, for example, be sitting in a cafe writing something and become irritated by the people who are there; don’t do this.  Try to keep quietly busy with your work. Try to carefully concentrate on your work, but in such a way that you become calm.

Wherever you are, be it in a railway station or in an airport or wherever else, try to find that inner calmness. Try to have contact with yourself and not so much with others.  Once you come home to your own self, once you relinquish your timidity, relinquish your irritation, relinquish your anger and your impatience, and consequently enter the softly vibrating energy of your own being, of your own life, then at certain moments that inspiration will come, you will have beautiful thoughts and become inspired to do good things.  

Master Morya

© Geert Crevits,

From Morya Kracht 6: At home in your own life, from chapter 5



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